What I Wish Everyone Knew About Black Women

The Data Doesn’t Lie: Black Women Are Amazing

When it comes to black women, there is so much to celebrate. I should know, I spent the past few weeks getting in and out of formation.

43 out of 50 black women graduate from high school. 

That’s 86% if fractions aren’t your bag, a figure that’s on the rise and definitely worth dancing about.

While these women accomplished remarkable things, they were also remarkable for their humanity — for simply surviving despite unrelenting oppression.

And the percentage of black women in college (9.7%)surpasses ALL OTHER GROUPS in the United States. 

You heard me. All other groups. And if you break it down by age, it gets even better: More than 50% of black women between the ages of 18 to 24 are pursuing higher education.

When it comes to starting our own businesses, black women are totally killing it. 

Between 1997 and 2018, the number of businesses started by African-American women grew more than 250%.

And those businesses black women start? They’re serious job creators and moneymakers. 

As of 2013, the estimated 1,119,400 companies owned by African-American women employed 272,000 people and generated $44.9 billion in revenue.

Want to create opportunity? Keep putting black women in charge. We’ve got this on lock.

Black women serve in 82% of state legislatures. 

In 2016, 259 black women serve in 41 of the 50 state legislatures. And in Georgia and Maryland, black women hold more than 10% of the seats. Go head on, ladies!

And black women are getting the job done at the national level too. 

Of the 32 women of color currently serving in the U.S. House of Representatives, 18 (55%) are African-American.

Oh, and get this: Black women are living longer than ever before. 

In 1960, the life expectancy for a black woman was 68. By 2010 it was 78.

We’re living longer so we can share our magic, talent, and intelligence with the world. Also to see a black James Bond.

Because we’re more than strong, beautiful, powerful, talented women with flawless hair. We’re legislators, engineers, artists, city workers, teachers, business owners, ghostbusters, and a multitude of other things that make this country great. We’ve come a long way, and as the numbers show, we’re just getting started.

United States Vice President is a black woman.

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