Shoes for the Soul: Becki Coakley Has Amazing Shoes to Choose

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In the words of Maya Angelou, “When you know better, you do better.” Recent calls for change, including Aurora James 15 Percent Pledge, is challenging us to reevaluate our spending, be better consumers, and support a more diverse range of designers. It’s time to step up to the plate, and you can do it in a pair of really great shoes. From sustainable business models to redefining the “nude” shoe, here are 34 Black-owned footwear brands you should be paying attention to.

Becki Coackley Shoes aims to uplift, strengthen, and encourage women through footwear. As a mom of three, Coackley’s line pays homage to her mom, who inspired her to pursue her dreams of being a shoe designer. Her designs are impeccably made of the quality materials by Italian artisans.



Every time that I plan to release new inventory of my Signature collection, I pull out my original paper sketches of the shoes…

THE BRAND: Becki Coakley strives to not only bring to life gorgeous designs, but they also work to uplift, strengthen, and encourage the women who wear our shoes. We aim to do that not only through our design, but in every interaction we have with you. When you receive your Becki Coakley shoes you are receiving a quality, hand-made item from Italian artisans that turn our dream creations into impeccably-made shoes. Because of the high standards that Becki Coakley has for her customers, we personally check every single pair of shoe to ensure the make meets our expectations. You can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality shoe possible

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From Sketch to Shoe: Becki Shares Her Process

I have several physical pairs of the shoes from the previous collections but it’s just something about deciding the new colors and materials by looking at the paper sketches. It excites me all over again and just opens up my creative flow.

Also for the record, I didn’t actually draw these sketches or any of my sketches.  I’ve shared before on my social media but in case you might not know:  I can’t draw well to save my life, lol!  So this is what I do to get an idea from out of my head to getting an actual shoe made.

1) I try to draw as much as I can of significant details of the design onto paper. I might do this in the margins of notebooks, napkins, receipts, envelopes, basically whatever I can get my hands on at that moment.

2) I write detailed design information into the notes section of my phone.  I describe everything down to the smallest details.

3) Then I find someone that sketches designs and relay the information to that person. This process can go on for days, basically until I feel the sketch is the exact vision that I picture in my head.

4) After I get the perfect sketch, I then relay it to my factory and we fine-tooth all of the technical details and do a more technical design with all of the measurements and materials.

5) Once everything is decided and finalized then my design is created into a BC shoe!

So those are my steps that I take in order to make my ideas actual shoes. I really love the creative process of my business so much. I get so excited picking out heels, leathers, and colors. I truly love what I do and do what I love!

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