Stephanie Davis: Black is the Heroe of the Season

Award-Winning Entrepreneur Stephanie Davis Discusses Why Black is Her Go To

In the world of fashion, black is very popular. But why? Could it be because of what people perceive when a person wears black? This begs the question: “What does black clothing symbolize?”. We spoke with Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Stephanie Davis to capture her take on black fashion.

Davis starts, “First let me say this Black makes you look serious and authoritative. It is also one of the easiest colors to pair with others. Almost anything goes. Not to mention it really does have a slimming effect (laughs).”

Black works with every color and makes every other color look better than it would be on its own! Contrast is everything. Contrast is success. Black will make you stand out in a World of whiteness. Color is more vibrant when viewed with black!!! It is the void…the anti- color! Three things black is for me:

  • Singularity of purpose.
  • Depth of ideas.
  • Fierce Power!

A person who wears black is perceived as bold, serious, confident, strong, and sometimes even superior. That’s how I feel!

Black is the Key to Life

Whether you are going for a job interview, a PTA meeting, drinks with friends, a funeral, or even a Goth concert, you can rarely wrong with black. That’s because black is to fashion what water is to life.


Black clothing can be the mask you wear to express a more confident version of yourself if you need the extra boost. Depending on the style/cut of clothing you pick, it can help even more.

If you want to look classy and exude elegance, then choose black. In fashion, nothing’s easier than that.


Wearing black clothing helps you blend in with your surroundings (usually). This is because black is so dark – and wearing dark clothing is much more subtle than donning bright, flashy colors. Many people consciously choose to wear black because of its power to “hide”.

And if you’re looking for a piece of clothing that will help you stand out instead of blend in, then these puppies could be perfect for you. They go well with black (obviously).

Space Cubes


Among its many benefits, wearing black has a slimming effect, since you can accentuate your assets or divert attention from them. Black is (in the case of slimming) usually used to not pull focus. Brighter colors are used as accents to peoples draw attention away from the “problem areas” that are often covered by dark or even black clothing.

For example, you can use our socks or any other bright piece of clothing to draw attention.


Black is a necessity we can’t do without. Its importance cannot be trivialized in fashion and even beyond. Black creates balance and contrast, and a wide variety of several other colors wouldn’t exist without it. Try to darken a color without using black…

If there was no black, the world would seem so bland, because there would be no contrast to light or vibrant colors.

Black is important: It portrays elegance and power, and, contrary to popular belief, black gives fashion true validation.

Stay Connected With Stephanie

She is the CEO & Principal Publicist of Empower Media Group. Davis is the Publisher of WE Magazine and Hustle and Soul Magazine, Black Media Honors, Founder of Black Influencers Guild & the Our Sole Purpose 501c3 nonprofit organization, and Business Mentor. Tenacity, perseverance, hard work and a relentless desire to rise above her past has allowed great success as an executive and entrepreneur. Believing that if she can, others can too, Davis now seeks to empower the masses; To help break those cycles and ceilings, to banish those “labels” and to pursue their divine purpose through God-centered leadership. 

From teleseminars to keynote addresses, with topics formulated to fit the audience and needs, Participants walk away with a sense of confidence, empowered and driven to action. A recognized leader, Davis has hosted her own empowerment events and numerous functions under the Empower umbrella. Additionally, she has served as a speaker, panelist, thought leader for Mercer University Business Department, Old Dominion University, Clark Atlanta University and the Art Institute of Atlanta.

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