Red or Nah Boutique Owner and Luxury Shoe Creator Melvina Spain-Doiley Says Yes

As a parallel entrepreneur, Melvina doubles as a full-time accountant. Melvina tapped into her passion for fashion, style, and being an authentic woman through her love of shoes.  Heeled by Melrose came to fruition by the existence of two women who have displayed the beauty, grace, and faith of being a woman.  By cultivating this passion, God allowed Melvina to find a purpose for Heeled By Melrose fashion boutique. Heeled By Melrose caters to the external and internal needs of each woman using fashion, wellness, and beauty.

She continues to encourage women to embrace their personal style through fashion. OurBlkWoman had the pleasure of speaking with Melvina about her love for not only fashion but beauty as well.

OBW: When did you get hooked on red lipstick?

MS: For years I was one “I don’t need makeup” or “I don’t have to wear it”, but I got hooked after a few photoshoots and shows for Mrs. SHB! When I put on the red lipstick it gave a bit of sexiness and it was on since then (laughs).

OBW: What is your favorite brand of lipstick and why?

MS: My favorite brand starting off was MAC, the Fenty red is definitely a must-have, & lately, I have been purchasing from other black-owned women’s businesses like Kamari Lip Collection and Pretty Pink Kosmetixs. I love a smooth lip and those brands go on smooth, last a long time, and the red just pops!

OBW: What reason should women try red color at least once?

MS: I know a few who haven’t tried red lipstick because they feel they are too dark or too light, but there are different shades of red that are offered and will match perfectly to your skin tone and a red lip will bring out a woman’s sexy alter ego!

OBW: Is it just red lipstick or do you like all things red?

MS: I mostly like all things red. Red is one of my favorite colors so if it’s not black it’s red (laughs)

OBW: Why is it important to embrace your inner beauty?

MS: It’s important to embrace your inner beauty because it brings about peace and when you’re at peace nothing and nobody can affect you!

OBW: What is your self care regimen?

MS: My self-care regimen is taking 15/20 mins each day and writing in my prayer/goal journal! Even it’s not a full workout I try to walk and do a few exercises and I also simply surround myself with things that make me happy!

OBW: How does what you do cultivate female empowerment?

MS: Fashion is a way to express yourself and shows your individuality without the need for words. Every woman doesn’t have the same style or into the same fashions, HBM cultivates women empowerment by offering styles for women of all ages and body types with items that highlight their definition of style/fashion! And plus, your confidence shines brighter when you’re comfortable in you’re own life of style!

Photo provided by Melvina Spain-Doiley

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