Big City Moves: Shereese Floyd X Charlotte, NC

Shereese (Reesy) Floyd is the founder of Witness My Life — a communications and messaging firm representing nonprofits, faith communities, and socially-driven private companies & entrepreneurs. 

She is also the creator of the Become the Greatest Story Ever Told – Making a Memoir a personal memoir journal.

Her emotional branding style and storytelling skills have aided in companies making billions of dollars.
Shereese is dedicated to teaching people how to use stories to unite people around a cause and to influence behaviors that move people to action.

She is an advocate for social change and believes story is the one thing that truly brings the world together. As a TEDx speaker and coach, she helps aspiring speakers craft signature messages that impact the world. Her TEDx – The Secret to Healing the World was awarded a Cicero Speechwriting Award.

Shereese is a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine. Her work has been featured or quoted in Blavity, YFS Magazine, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Inside Business, CoVABIZ, and Coastal Virginia Magazine. She is also a Women in Business honoree named by Inside Business.

Shereese Is Making Big City Moves

How does your new environment align with who you are?

I have always seens myself as a living-in-the-big-city kind of girl where there are all sorts of cool things happening and Charlotte aligns with that perfect. I’m in walking distance from the stadium where the Carolina Pathers play and it’s just a cool hip vibe that I’m thoroughly enjoying

How do you enjoy living in a big city?

It’s been great so far. It’s the perfect place to reintroduce myself to pieces of me I’d love forgotten but also to reinvent myself to the person I always imagined myself to be.
What motivated you to move to a big city?

Why did you choose Charlotte, NC?

I came to Charlotte after a divorce. I needed a place where there were no memories and where I could truly test myself to see what I was made of. I picked a spot on the map and went for it.

Charlotte is close enough to my hometown in Virginia, so I could get back to family and friends conveniently. Charlotte also offered a lifestyle that I craved — a place where I could overlook the city and give my imagination space to roam free.

What are some things you are most proud of?

I am most proud of fulfilling a bucket list item last year by giving a TEDx talk entitled The Secret to Healing the World. It has been well received and has opened up so many doors for me.

What have you been up to and what can we look forward to seeing from you?

As a brand storyteller, I have been deep in creating a product to help people not only tell their stories, but also help them heal through those stories. I believe our stories are the one thing that really connect us and the one thing that can truly change our world. The product is called Become the Greatest Story Ever Told – Making a Memoir. Get it at

TikTok, Instagram and Facebook @shereesefloyd.

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