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Britni Ricard is the CEO of COTA Skin. In under two years, her company has grossed 1.8 million per quarter with her cult following.

The former Dillard University Psychology major took a leap of faith and quit her job to start her passion. With no real money, not even a laptop, Ricard taught herself how to create her own LLC at the local New Orleans library. It was her passion, persistence, and grit that helped her make her first million. Although her success came in under two years, it was not without critical moments and uncomfortable choices.

Founded in 2019, Britni created COTA in an effort to recreate the skincare routine shared with her by her late brother, whom she named the company after. COTA is committed to providing the perfect skincare regimen that targets all skin types. Beauty can be a small indulgence and Ricard has tapped into the market as an indie brand for women of color. She has a ton of brand loyalty by providing products that her customers are looking for, one, in particular, the 24k Gold Serum, her best-kept secret!

According to NiesenIQ, with a strong beauty culture, black and brown women are driving growth in the beauty industry. Yet, historically, their needs have been ignored.

Ricard is among those who have tapped into this culture with great success. And her cleanser and creams are clean, plant-based, and caters to consumers growing demand for transparency and mindful ingredients.

Britni would love to share her story and provide advice and a few secrets to individuals who may be looking to make a change or experiencing hardships and looking to follow their dreams and find success.

“The real secret to success is consistency, yet it’s the one thing that most people won’t do.” — Britni Ricard

We Empower Magazine got an exclusive interview with Britni Ricard.

Hi Britni, it’s awesome to interview you today.

How would you describe yourself?

Britni: I am very mentally strong, persistent, and loyal.

What are some of the best qualities you have that make you an outstanding entrepreneur?

My ability to innovate. I’m a very creative person and strategic with marketing. Alot of people come to me for ideas and to get my opinion on numerous things. Also when it comes down to being an entrepreneur, I have no problem with educating myself. It all balls down to the fact that I continuously find new ways to get a new product out there.

How has business been during the pandemic?

Britni: The business has been amazing! I’ve made 5.3 million dollars during the pandemic.

What keeps you an in-demand business?

Britni: Having products that work and having awesome customer service. So many people praise my customer service all the time and say that I should teach other companies how to have better customer service. It’s nothing new to me. 

What’s your self-care routine?

Britni: I like to get a massage. I will set up a massage at least 3 times a month to just relax and unwind. I am heavily into building my brand and I have a real estate portfolio as well. I am also on go mode. I get told a lot that I need to enjoy the fruits of my labor, but right now vacations aren’t for me. I feel I don’t care about that right now. I care about keeping this engine going. So a spa date is how I relax even though I will have both phones with me still working, even at the spa.

When you think of women empowerment, what comes to mind?

Britni: I think exactly what the word is… to empower women. As a woman in power, I believe it’s my duty to reach out to aid the next woman. Women have overcome so much. We had to fight again racism alongside our men but we also found our self fighting for equality, acceptance, and respect. 

Women have been raped, looked over, beaten, and more. It’s only right that we stick together. I get so excited when it comes to empowering women. Some confuse helping with financial support but the best I can give is knowledge. I am a woman who has been through so much, it’s important to me to help others. I’ve once been through eviction and losing my car so I understand what some women go through. I am proud to create different avenues for women and put them in positions to better themselves so that they have the ability to be better.

What do you want your legacy to look like?

Britni: I want people to remember me as hardworking and that nothing was handed to me. I also want people to be inspired by my journey.

For more information on COTA Skin please visit https://www.cotaskincare.com/

Interviewed & Composed by Tammy Reese

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