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Natalia Me-Gan Beauty. The company was started by Mrs. Schenika Quattlebaum after coming out of a very bad domestic violence relationship through divorce. Using makeup to conceal her bruises, she eventually decided to create her own brand and to take the passion for helping other women just like her, to the next level.

The brand quickly became a household name in celebrity beauty as it grew. Such stars as Jennifer Hudson, Mariah Carey, Miss Colombia 2014/first runner-up Miss Universe 2015 @gutierrezary & Meg Thee Stallion, have used the brand on set and for themselves personally. Mrs. Quattlebaum recently landed a deal with Walmart.com and continues to break ground during these COVID-19 filled times.


“It was time to act on my ambition, and I hit the ground running.”

Mrs. Schenika Quattlebaum, CEO of Natalia Me-Gan Beauty celebrated her launch on Walmart.com recently with a billboard release in Times Square. She has few things to say when it comes to beauty.

Why is it important to embrace your inner beauty?

Let’s be honest, beauty starts from within, In fact, inner beauty radiates outward, if you’re ugly on the inside that will radiate out and you will be ugly on the outside. The problem is society bases beauty on looks when in fact beauty is more than just looks. You can be the most beautiful person (in the looks department) but radiate something different.

As a beauty lover yourself, how does what you do cultivate female empowerment?

As a domestic violence survivor, makeup empowered me. Sounds crazy right?? But I used makeup to cover up black eyes, marks on my face and neck, being able to use products I love, to make me feel beautiful I felt empowered. I felt like that’s the one thing I controlled in my life at that moment. In turn, I use that as my model for everything I do pertaining to my business and just in everyday life.

What is your self care regimen?

Honestly, I’ve forgotten myself along this journey. What I have started to do just recently is read daily at night with candles lit and tv and radio off. For my mental health there are times where I just sit in a quiet room and recenter myself. Mental health is the most important thing for me.

Schenika Knows a Great Bit About Taking Leaps of Faith

Following her dreams and rising above hardship has produced fabulous dividends for one young entrepreneur, whose growing line of hair and beauty products is now available at mega-retailer Walmart’s online store. Schenika Quattlebaum, a determined African-American domestic abuse survivor took her courage in hand and made a huge leap of faith when she started Natalia Me-Gan Hair and Beauty in early 2018 for all of humanity.

Mrs. Quattlebaum’s experience with a toxic relationship taught her perseverance, and her nascent brand has weathered the turbulence of recent years, including the COVID-19 pandemic. In launching her company, Mrs. Quattlebaum says, “It was time to act on my ambition, and I hit the ground running.” To celebrate her new venture she hired the celebrity-endorsed media brand “Billboard Buzzing” to highlight her brand in Times Square.

Today, Natalia Me-Gan Hair and Beauty specialize in a wide array of cruelty-free cosmetics, glosses, eyeshadow, and even a stunning variety of mink eyelashes. The entertainment world has taken notice, too. Superstars like Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, Shoshana Bean, Naturi Naughton, KJ Smith, and Reginae Carter have all been spied rocking Natalia Me-Gan products! With the addition of the brand’s line to the Walmart.com platform, Natalia Me-Gan Hair and Beauty has achieved a global reach. During the pandemic, virtual business meetings on apps like Zoom have exploded in usage, and professionals striving to look their best on screen can avail themselves of Natalia Me-gan’s awesome image-enhancing products.

Even as we return to normalcy in the coming post-COVID era, people will also rediscover how Natalia Me-Gan’s latest offerings can once again bring out their natural, radiant glow. To learn more about Schenika Quattlebaum’s inspiring story and Natalia Me-Gan, visit the company’s website at nataliambeauty.com.

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