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An 11-year native of Atlanta with York, Pennsylvania origins, Autumn Bailey has been deemed as a results-driven and highly qualified entertainment executive specializing in independent film production and distribution. She completed her undergraduate studies in Mass Communication with a minor in Philosophy at Shaw University.

Mrs. Bailey-Ford is the founder of Autumn Bailey Entertainment whose mission is to produce high quality feature films and television shows. She has worked on over three dozen independent film projects as a producer and has assisted numerous filmmakers secure film distribution for their projects. Autumn is also a member of the Producer Guild of America, Women in film Atlanta & Los Angels, Black Women in Film, SouthEast Emmys Member and one of the charter founding members of Real Divas Atlanta organization.

When asked about her passions, she states “to help others, give back and connect individuals from various backgrounds and cultures to achieve a common goal in furthering their entertainment careers.” Mrs. Bailey has played a pivotal role in expanding awareness of the indie film community in Georgia. She founded the Georgia Entertainment Gala in 2013 attracting over 1800 people to the City of Atlanta annually to celebrate Georgia’s talent rise in film, television and film. Through this gala, Mrs. Bailey has garnered the support of numerous community leaders, brands and organizations.

Currently, Mrs. Bailey is producing several film and television projects. She is a highly sought after indie producer with over 30 films under her belt both on the small and big screens. Of those films, she has received multiple accolades and won numerous awards. She has expanded her brand on the East and West Coast of the United States to further her reach in assisting indie film communities. Through hard work, faith, dedication and doing good business, Mrs. Bailey is certain to continue breaking through barriers within indie film communities across the U.S. Most recently, Mrs. Bailey has started a co-production company with Cameron Burnett (Son of acclaimed Hollywood Producer Mark Burnett) called Prominent Productions.

Aside from being a producer, Mrs. Bailey’s commitment to community enrichment and charitable organizations is never-ending. Through her Get Connected Atlanta monthly industry mixer established in 2011 created for the people by the people, Mrs. Bailey utilizes this established platform to donate proceeds to various social organizations across Georgia while providing a networking opportunity platform for novice and seasoned industry professionals. Her advice to young aspiring producers and professionals “Work hard, do business that uplifts others and show people that if they believe they can achieve anything they set their minds to accomplish.”

I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come

Autumn Bailey-Ford

Autumn Bailey-Ford Speaks Candidly

Why is it important to embrace who you are?

I firmly believe that It is imperative to embrace who you are because You are stuck with yourself. You, yourself, and YOU are the only constant thing on this earth in your life that you have to spend most of your time. In God’s likeness, you were uniquely created, and when he saw you, he said that you were fearfully and wonderfully made. So you, too, have to believe that. If you don’t like who you are, how can anyone else enjoy the true essence of you?

How does your brand or what you do cultivate female empowerment?

My brand cultivates female empowerment by encouraging female professionals to go into industry professions less likely to be held by women. I also encourage women to hire women. I don’t discriminate against men, but if a woman comes in with the same expertise or more than her competitor, I will hire her. I believe that it is our job as industry leaders to change the trajectory in the entertainment industry.

What is your leadership style?

My leadership style has a good balance; I like to believe. Lol. I’m laid back, but I expect business to be conducted properly. I hire teams of individuals who I think can be trusted with responsibilities and the independence of getting the job done. So I trust them to do just that without micromanaging as long as the work is completed efficiently and on time, all is well. 

In your opinion, how can we as a culture work together to banish prejudices and social clichés?

In my opinion, we can teach society that we as a culture come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Characteristics of an individual cannot be defined by the culture that they come from. We have to show this in the content that we put out into the world. The more stories that are told about our people that uplift them and show them positively, the broader the perception of who we are will develop within society. 

The qualities that #OurBlkWoman uses to define an empowered woman are 10000% what empowered women to exemplify. They are confident in who they are, and they look to inspire other women to recognize their true selves so that they may be empowered too.

What are some things you are most proud of?

I‘m proud of my journey, who I’ve become, and who I’m still becoming. I’ve come a long way, and it wasn’t by no means easy to get here, but by faith, and with God carrying me through, I have overcome so much, and I plan to continue changing the narrative of what I could have been.

What have you been up to, and what can we look forward to seeing from you?

I just finished a film with MGM by the name of On A Wing And A Prayer that will be released Fall of 2022, and I’m also working on a few film and TV projects that have yet to be announced.  

Followed on IG. @autumnbaileyford and @Autumnbaileyentertainment

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