Why You Must Try Red Color At Least Once

Rhea Says Wear Red Always

The Power of RED: What is It About Red plump lips that is so attractive? A woman wearing red lipstick (or a red dress) certainly tends to stand out in a crowd. But what is it, exactly, that makes wearing the red so attractive? Is it the colour red itself? Or the contrast between red and the colours in your skin, hair or eyes?

#OBW was able to catch up with Rhea Elise Skinner, Principal Publicist of Agency 1408. Take a glimpse of Rhea and why she says you should wear red lipstick at least once.

Rhea’s work in the media sector of the industry has been widely celebrated. As one of the most successful under 40 tastemakers Rhea has been writing her own story for quite some time. She’s the product of top tier education, coupled with a family background and genealogy which calls to mind some of the most important individuals you have ever met; her drive is anomalous, her capabilities …innate. From fashion to philanthropy, sports, music and more; her knack has been a penchant for taking an individuals dream and making it a reality –via brand cultivation and strategic communications. Whether a Fortune500 client or a start-up, Rhea has a way of crafting a brand’s voice and story to ensure top-tier visibility. She’s a “dreamer in her own right” and without a doubt brash and blunt, bold and courageous, and a brilliant identifier of opportunity and talent that often invisible to others.

For me, red lipstick is what the NBA finals are to basketball fans or what Avocado Toast is to hipsters. Red lipstick is BOLD, it’s memorable. It’s precise … and women are just that.


When did you get hooked on red lipstick? Tell us about the experience/event?

I don’t recall the exact date, but I’d never forget how I felt seeing Naomi Campbell in a bold red lip. Prior to this, red lipstick seemed to have been reserved for the Marilyn Monroes and Cindy Crawford’s — or “ lady’s of the night” depending on how and when you were raised. 

I’m sure we’ve all heard the stories. Seeing Naomi that day stamped a place in my brain that the IT girls and a red lip are synonymous.

What is your favorite brand of lipstick and why?

MAC’s Ruby Woo!

It’s thee perfect shade of red that compliments brown girls. It’s formulated with the right tint of blue undertone unlike many other brands that use orange & wears cheaply.

What reason should women try red color at least once?

For me, red lipstick is what the NBA finals are to basketball fans or what Avocado Toast is to hipsters. Red lipstick is BOLD, it’s memorable. It’s precise … and women are just that.

Is it just red lipstick or do you like all things red?

I’m also guilty of wearing a red nail. I’ve worn the same Dior Rouge nail polish for years.

Why is it important to embrace your inner beauty?

If you don’t, who will. We can’t allow the world to define us in any way shape or form.

As a publicist, how does what you do cultivate female empowerment?

Our current team at agency1408 is made up of black women.

When I started in Public Relations in 2008, I didn’t see much representation so I made it a priority to create a space where women that look like me can thrive- to remind the world, I’m not the unicorn! There are a team of US.

What type of client do you typically represent?

Our current client roster ranges from fashion, beauty and lifestyle to hospitality, business and finance.

What is your self care regimen?

Each day is different— From a beauty perspective, ENZURI! The answer to all my skincare needs. Their AWAKEN Cleanser & HARMONY Toner combination is heaven sent.

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