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How Nicole Phillip Helps Fellow Entrepreneurs Define Their Brand

As an author, entrepreneur, business growth coach, and single mom, Nicole Phillip has a long list of accomplishments. But for her, the thing she’s most passionate about is what’s next after such success in strategic brand management: serving as a mentor and resource for fellow female entrepreneurs who are trying to scale their business as well.

Phillip has been enamored with the idea of entrepreneurship from an early age. In her junior year of college, her mother had a bad stroke that led to paralysis. Phillip became the caretaker for not only her mother but also her two high school-age siblings. That’s what drove her to start creating generational wealth: She wanted the ability to bring her mother home.

As she got started, Phillip was inspired by her mother, who had started a business administration LLC before her stroke. Phillip dove in headfirst and worked corporate during the day while starting her business at night. Along the way, she overcame obstacle after obstacle, fighting to grow her business. At the age of 25, she had a son and cared for him as a single mom. This spurred her on to grow her business as quickly as possible. She grew her business Ministry Event Marketing to become a six-figure agency in just five years and also published a book, titled Single, Saved, and Bitter. 

Now, Phillip is passionate about working with her clients. That client base is primarily composed of 25-54-year-old female entrepreneurs — many of them moms — who are on a mission to help others. She loves working with entrepreneurs who have a faith component to their core values or mission, just like she does. For her, it’s all about women empowerment: helping others realize their dream, reach their tribe, and create brands that inspire. Phillip is passionate about helping someone articulate their vision so it can become reality. 

Phillip’s newest program is called ‘Behind the Brand’. This program is geared to help entrepreneurs who want to build their businesses while staying authentic and true to themselves online. Phillip knows firsthand how discouraging and draining it can be to start a business. She hopes to show clients that it’s possible to run a business while still staying passionate and engaged with what they love to do.

‘Behind the Brand’ recently hosted a 30-day fitness challenge in partnership with certified fitness trainer Drickson Toussaint that encouraged participants to take a holistic approach to a fulfilled life. The idea was to show clients that financial goals aren’t the only important aspect of being an entrepreneur. Caring for your physical and mental health is essential, too.

“Health is so important. Having the right people around you to support you and your mental health, including being able to share your goals with someone and having them encourage you instead of discouraging you,” Phillip said.

Behind the Brand teaches participants to prioritize their own needs and practice self-care, helping them reach their business goals while maintaining a personal life. Phillip’s team of experts works with clients to help them live out their purpose and remain their most true selves.

For Phillip, the most rewarding part of what she does is taking someone’s vision and helping them go from a blank slate to having a product that articulates that vision.

“I love to see that on their face. It’s more so like, ‘Wow, I’ve impacted a person,’ and that’s what’s meaningful to me,” said Phillip. “Their gift is out there and they’re willing to share it. I got to have a part of that individual being able to walk in their purpose.”

About Nicole Phillip

Nicole Philip, CEO of Ministry Event marketing and creator of Behind the Brand, helps leaders create luxury brands that inspire. She has helped dozens of individuals define their brand and scale to the next figure.

Click here to learn more: www.thenicoledenise.org

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