Interview With Brandi Watters, CEO of Supportive Care

Meet Brandi Watters, CEO of Supportive Care, LLC. Brandi became a certified nursing assistant in 1997 and a medical assistant in 2000. She started Supportive Care, LLC, to provide in-home care to anyone in need of assistance.

Her services can range from light chores, bathing, setting up and distributing medication; To rehabilitation, post-op care, and anyone who desires companionship and support of caring for a loved one. From an early age, this entrepreneur knew her purpose was to care for others, which she would have to do throughout adulthood for her son through various health scares and caring for her ill mother.

This CEO considers her patients like family and ensures they can communicate with their family members through phone calls and FaceTime, especially in difficult times such as the pandemic. Personally, for Brandi, one of the biggest challenges as an entrepreneur has been letting go of self-doubt. According to her, this expedition entrepreneur requires patience, time, research, and a tremendous amount of self-confidence!

Ms. Watters would like to thank her beloved mother for seeing the potential that she could not see in herself and for inheriting her incredible work ethic. Ms. Watters thanks her family and friends, especially her two sons, Recco Jr. and Jeremiah, for believing in her and constantly pushing her to succeed beyond her limits.

When asked what does being #thatgirl mean to you? She replied by supporting and celebrating others’ wins. I agree. Brandi’s determination to make those in need feel comfortable while battling illnesses is a form of compassion we could all learn.

I had the opportunity to ask Brandi a few questions about her journey; here’s what she had to say…

Describe yourself using one word?


What inspired you to become a business owner?

I wanted to break generational curses and build something for my children.

Do you consider Nurses to be Hidden Heroes?

Yes, simply put Angels in comfortable shoes.

How have you used your health care skills to care for those during the pandemic and on an everyday basis?

I consider my patients to be family. Honestly, I spend more time with them than with my own family. I made sure they didn’t feel alone and made sure to keep that line of communication between them and their families by Facetime on my phone and phone calls. I also didn’t forget about my fellow nurses, CNA’s and healthcare workers. Every payday, I made sure to purchase lunch for two healthcare workers using cash app.

How would you describe your passion for others? Do you think caring for others makes you a better person?

I knew I wanted to care for others, cared for my son through a few health scares, and cared for my mom in her late stages of life. I knew then that I had found my purpose. I love it, and It genuinely fulfills me.

Tell us about your new company Supportive Care LLC? Who does it cater to? Why did you start this company? What solution does it solve for your clients?

Supportive Care LLC is a company that will provide excellent quality care in the comfort of your own home. It caters to anyone who requires help with assistant with rehabilitation, companionship, post-op care, medication set-ups, bathing, light chores, and support to a family member who’s caring for a loved one. I started this company because I remember how tough it was trying to care for my mom with stage 4 cancer while obtaining a full-time job and raising a 6-year-old at the same time. It was rough, and sometimes you just need a break to go to the store or take a moment to breathe.

Has the entrepreneur journey been challenging?

My Entrepreneur Journey hasn’t been the easiest; I’m used to working as an employee, and I wasn’t well-versed in the business side of things. I have learned that It takes time, patience, research, and a lot of confidence. The biggest challenge for me is letting go of self-doubt. It takes hard work and dedication to become successful and achieve the goal of entrepreneurship. My biggest challenge for me is letting go of self-doubt.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I anticipate being stress-free and making others happy while doing what I love.

You share social media posts about your family & friends often; tell us why it’s essential to recognize the love you have for others?

The love from the ones I love made me who I am. Especially my sons, they fuel my fire.

How long have you been a nurse?

Why did you choose this profession? I have been a nurse for eight years. I started as a CNA in 1997, then became a Medical Assistant in 2000, so this career path has always been my passion.

What are your thoughts on the staggering death rate amongst women after getting cosmetic surgery? Why are you happy to serve this community?

It’s terrifying and sad, and not enough information is given to patients to prevent these unnecessary deaths. Unfortunately, after receiving cosmetic surgery, most women are kicked out without after-care support. I am excited to provide the post-op care and the education they need.

Why do you feel that elderly and suffer from disabilities need companion buddies? Why are you happy to serve this community?

Companion buddies are so important, and they can feel a void in a person’s life and make them smile again. Imagine out-living a spouse you’ve been with for years; I would imagine it would be traumatic and very lonely.

Who would you like to thank for the success in your life? Who contributed to the woman that you are?

I would like to thank my beloved mother; she has seen things in me that I didn’t see myself. She embodied strength, and I get my work ethic from her. May her soul continue to rest. Recco Jr and Jeremiah, I hope I make you proud of me. You are my reason for pursuing my goal.. My family and circle of friends share so much love and encouragement. Thank you for believing in me and pushing me beyond my limits if you read this.

What’s your favorite ice cream?


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