Multitalented Rap Artist and Entreprenuer, Bernadette Patterson

Bernadette Patterson is a Salon Owner, Hairstylist, Rap Artist, and has her own business which is called The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Professional Hair Product Line.  Bernadette is also a mother of 2 boys. A 19-year-old and a 14-year-old. She’s been working in her own salon for over 6 years now but has had my hair license for over 18years. We are thrilled to showcase this multitalented Black Woman to you all!

At Our Black Woman Magazine, we are all about supporting women of color and the great contributions they provide to our culture and communities. Please tell our readers about the work you do?

I am a licensed stylist that been in business for over 18years. I’m a salon owner/stylist for over 6yrs. I have had my own hair product line called The Dream Team Hair & Beauty for over a year and have also been a rap artist for over 8 years.

Who are some women of color who inspire you and why? 

Ursula Dudley Oglesby inspires me because she’s over the Dudley Brand that has been in business for over 50 years handed down from her mom & dad Eunice & Dr. Joe L. Dudley Sr.  This is a multimillionaire company that has their own hair product line across the globe & in partnership with license stylist & barbers. Ursula does a great job running the company and keeping the Beauty Professionals updated on the latest trends and the business side of things.  I use to be a distributor for the company. When I was in the meetings I love how she had us doing different fun activities and had us watching different videos to help us learn more about the products. She also had the instructors break down the different ingredients that are in the products and what they are good for.  She also has a big event every year for the licensed cosmetologist & barbers that involves the instructors and distributors. At this event, she has the licensed professionals choose a 2hr class they would like to go to.

The licensed professionals have a choice to go to a hair cutting class, color class, business class,  hair weave class, etc. The classes are different every year to educate the beauty professionals on the new trend and get their CEU hours. She always has something motivational to say when she goes on stage. On the last day of the event, she would have a hair show showing the different styles that you can do using the Dudley Brand and serve the beauty professionals upscale food while being entertained. I look up to her because of the experience I gained from the company and want to do the same thing with my own company.

OWN Network Ambassodor and Renowned Journalist Nikki Rich

Nikki Rich inspires me because she is doing a lot of great things. She helped me a lot along the way with my business. She uses my hair products and loves them. I like the fact that she wants to see entrepreneurs succeed. She’s the owner of The Nikki Rich Show and interviews a lot of celebrities & entrepreneurs that’s doing great things. By me watching her go through some stumbling blocks it didn’t stop her and that is a powerful thing. 

Why do you think it’s important for women of color to obtain your products and services?

It’s important for women of color to obtain my products and services because you will look and feel good while obtaining great hair products that will help maintain your hairstyle and keep it healthy. My products have natural ingredients that will help strengthen your hair and help it to grow. I do a variety of different hair services like hair cuts, hair color, relaxers, texturizers, wave nuevo, braids, sew-ins, crochet and so much more. You can order The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Professional Hair Products on 

We understand you have been working with Zaytoven, please tell us about your collaboration with him? 

I went to Atlanta to UR Recording Studios where a lot of celebrities go to record their music. I met Zaytoven there to do a commercial for my The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Professional Hair Products. While we were there I was listening to Zaytoven beat selection. I picked out a song I want to record. The purpose of the commercial is to let people know that I got what he needs which is my hair products and he got what I need which is a Zaytoven beat.

After I got finished with the commercial Zaytoven got some of my products to try out. I went back to the studio a month later to record my new song called Never Knock Me Down on Zaytoven beat I selected when I did the commercial. My stage name is B-Rawz ft Jayo Da Best. Right after I stepped out of the booth I went straight into doing a music video of the song with Zaytoven in the video.

The purpose of the song is to advertise my The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Professional Hair Products and to let negative people know that they can’t knock me down. Zaytoven told me he love my products after I got finished recording the hook to my song. After the song got finished I got an invite to the 2 Finnesse movie premiere. Zaytoven, AL Nuke, Zaytoven brother Amos Dotson & more are acting in this movie. The studio I recorded my song at is in the movie also. Zaytoven like the song so much that I got a distribution deal. So I’m going to be a Zaytoven artist. My music will also be on Zaytoven Beats Radio and more.

What else would you like for our readers to know about you?

I’m looking for more The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Brand Ambassadors. Right now I have seven. I’m looking for people that is serious and is willing to promote at least twice a week. If you are interested you can fill out this form: 

You can find my form “Form” at:

I would also like the readers to know that I have been on major platforms performing my songs in front of large crowds of people. I opened up for Young MA, Blac Youngsta, Boosie, Migos, Gunna, T-Rell & more…

You can find me on Facebook: 

-Bernadette Patterson 

-The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Store

-The Dream Team Hair & Beauty 



Bernadette Patterson

The Dream Team Hair & Beauty

In what ways do you feel black women have thrived in 2021? 

As an entrepreneur having my own hair product line I go to different pop-up shops. I see a lot of black women selling different stuff at their tables. So I feel like more black women took advantage of getting their own business and being successful at it.

What do you hope for yourself in the coming year?

I hope I will be performing on more major platforms, creating great music, and having hair & talent shows. 

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