Women In Media Spotlight: Ciara Horton-Stevenson

Always having a passion for reading, Ciara Horton-Stevenson created She Is E Magazine in 2016. Her creation was something that God gave her and she took it and ran. Watching her mother and other female family members in their journeys to become great entrepreneurs, she knew she had to share their stories. 4 years later, she’s featured countless women and celebrity women in business. She now is creator of He Is E Magazine as well. Now coaching other creatives to launch their own magazines and books, Ciara’s passion is to see everyone win. In her free time, she enjoys being a wife, mother, and creating as that’s what she’s called to do.

Ciara Horton-Stevenson

We understand you are currently assisting other women to start making magazines. What inspired you to begin this journey?

I had a lot of people asking about how to create a magazine. It caught me off guard but I realized there is a great demand for that. I’m just here to help fill that void with real knowledge because I didn’t have that when I started.

What do you enjoy most about being in the media industry?

Being able to share stories and ask questions that most people don’t ask. I love to get the other side of people not what we already know!

What do you want to see more of from women of color in media?

I need to see more transparency. It just creates a safe space and gives us better insight.

What can we be on the look our for from you and your magazine publications?

Be on the lookout for more celebrity features and growth with both publications!

Ciara Horton-Stevenson

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