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Mary Harvin is a wife, mother, and entrepreneur from Detroit, Michigan. She’s a hard-working, loving, smart, and ambitious woman, raising her beautiful children with her husband, Jason Harvin.

Mary is the Proprietor of Udrinkimake, Celebrity Mobile Bartending Services. They have successfully serviced top-shelf events since 2016. Providing every client with high-quality, and superb service. The Udrinkimake services are one-of-a-kind. Each event is personalized to aline with the colors/ theme of the event. The beverages served are creative and are sure to be the conversation piece whether they have alcohol included or not. Mary built this brand from not wanting to just be a restaurant waitress anymore. After 12 years of working for her employer, Mary hadn’t moved up to management, she was still waitressing, she hadn’t caused a major impact in her own life working for this company. Mary had made them millions, but herself… not so much. She knew something needed to change. Mary had become a mother during those 12 years and she knew her children deserved more. One day Mary just started taking pictures of the drinks she made at work. She was trying to build a portfolio to take to a newer high-class employer, to separate her from anyone they had ever seen.

During this building, Mary decided it would be a great idea to get a website built, so instead, she could tell them to “Google me” and read about her & see the drinks there. Mary would present them with a business card, to let them know that she was a professional bartender. While getting the website built, the graphic designer Loving Digitals asked her, what was her business. Mary was stumped because she didn’t have a business, she was just trying to get a job. After much thinking, Mary replied to her that she was a bartender for hire. On all of the Drink pics she took, Mary use to post them with a hashtag that said, U drink them, I make them. Once she decided to be a bartender for hire, Mary shortened it to UdrinkImake. From there, she began to do one event a month for the first year in 2016. Year two, was crazy busy. They had partnered with The D Loft and became their exclusive Bartenders, as well as with Cora Lee Luxe Events. They traveled, went to the National Bar Show in Vegas. They also serviced celebrity clientele such as Kandi Buruss & Mike Epps. They sponsored the Media Girls Tour and went on Tour. They took off, to say the least.

Also, they added catering services that included Private Chefs to come and cook right in your home, as well as professional servers that could come be of service as well. As they grew, so did the amount of bartending companies in the area. The mobile bartending industry has become saturated with inexperienced, uncertified bartenders. Mary sees literally a new company or someone who “makes drinks” every day. It’s even a new term, Drink Vendor. This is where Udrinkimake has had to separate themselves. They are a bartending service that provides said service for a fee. They do not pay someone a fee to come to be liable for illegal transactions. Major difference! That’s where the Mobile Bartending Industry has gotten misconstrued.

We understand you are creating a new brand, what can you share with us?

Mary: Udrinkimake is growing in its sixth year. We now have a variety of products available. We are still in the service world, just adding on to our legacy. Our newest products are our Udrinkimake Edible Sugar Scrubs, Body Oils, Lip Oils & Cuticle Oils. These products are available in drink theme flavors such as Strawberry Daiquiri, Lemon Drop, Mojito & more! These are luxurious hand-crafted body products that leave you smooth and tasty! In addition to our body self-care line, we have Udrinkimake Bar Products. We offer our Signature Collectible Cocktail Shaker, bar spoons & designer 10 oz. glasses. The Udrinkimake Bar Products and Udrinkimake Edible Self-Care Line are both available separately or in a create-your-own-kit. These products are available at Black Foxx & Associates located at 19610 Plymouth Rd, Detroit, MI 48228 and at  

We have two more locations coming this year as well.

What have you been up to these days and what do you have in the works?

Mary: Heading into March, I am making sure all products are complete for Launch Day! We are officially launching our products in Inspire Marketplace located inside The Mall at Partridge Creek 17420 Hall Rd, Clinton Township, MI 48038. We have continued to follow our course with That Girl. That Girl was founded by Natasha Lee, one of my favorite people in this business industry. That Girl’s focus is “…to support the success of women from youth to adulthood while empowering them thru fashion, media, education, business & celebration.”-That Girl We have been ambassadors for That Girl for the last 2 years and we look forward to our That Girl x Udrinkimake Strawberry Daiquiri Edible Sugar Scrub to be a best seller!

How do you celebrate your business accomplishments?

Mary: I celebrate by enjoying a nice night at home. Running a business can be pretty busy sometimes. Many days I am either engulfed in work or busy physically making moves to keep business going or literally servicing events. When I do have time to chill & reflect over my accomplishments, they are spent with my husband Jason Harvin. After our babies are sleep, the time of day I look forward to most is unwinding with him. That’s where I get to relax and turn off all the moves I been making all day. That’s where I get my relaxation & comfort. When I actually get to go out to celebrate them, I enjoy a night out with a good meal & beverage, in a relaxed setting.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Mary: When do I have spare time, I could be playing some old-school Galaga or Mario 64. That must mean all business is complete, children and home are taken care of, so then I get time to play lol.

What’s the best business advice you have ever received?

Mary: The best business advice I have ever received was to ABC, always be closing. Always close out everything you start. There is a starting point and a finishing point, if you see it thru. If you focus on the close, you have to know the choice but to execute everything to get you to the close. I use this in so many aspects of my life, always be closing.

What else would you like our readers to know about you?

Mary: I have #MomGoals. My MomGoal is to raise my children to know they can have anything in this world. I want them to know why they are here, indulge in what life has to offer, but the only route to that is success. Success begins with being a good person, kind, thoughtful, and of concern. My children engulf those characteristics every day and it warms my heart. To add to a successful life, you have to think outside the box on ways to make a living, have fun & still get to have time to enjoy all the fruits of your labor. To obtain all 3 simultaneously is not an easy task. I present my children with different ways they can use in the future to continually generate income while still enjoying life.

That’s where my daughter, Mariah Harvin, and I came up with Cupcake Rainbow. Cupcake Rainbow makes children-friendly beverages for children, by children. With Cupcake Rainbow, my daughters, Mariah, Milan & Mary-Jai have a business that will keep them having fun & making money at the same time for the rest of their life if they choose. There is always an occasion or holiday to be celebrated, and when you bring the beverages and our services, it creates a moment in time you will never forget.

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