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Get Social With Teja is a social media agency founded by a Black Woman that employs other women of color. Outside of the make-up of the employees being a unique factor, the agency is behind some of the biggest social justice organizations like Rock The Vote, She The People, and Ava Duvernay’s Leap Action, social media presence. She also ran the social media campaign for See Us Unite, the special designed to fight AAPI hate that premiered on MTV.

OurBlk Woman was able to catch up with Teja.

Why is it important to embrace who you are?

As a Black woman in America, we are often shaped to believe we shouldn’t embrace our figure, our minds, and being. My entire existence is because I am a Black woman from Oakland and there are many Black girls looking up to me for that same confidence they are trying to find.

How does your brand or what you do cultivate female empowerment?

We are the epitome of female empowerment, most importantly women of color. My agency employs women of color only specifically because we work on social justice and political awareness which impacts women of color the most. At my agency, there are no men mansplaining you or white women talking down to you. I created an environment where we can laugh, work and share freely without the outside pressure of people trying to “figure us out.”

What is your leadership style?

My leadership way is to always lead by example. I find often in our generation people spend so much time explaining what they do, know how to do or are capable of but we never see the work. I help my team grow by showing them what the alternative is, tweaking, and adding on to their work so they can learn how to take their work to the next level and see the results.

In your opinion, how can we as a culture work together to banish prejudices and social clichés?

Being open-minded and less judgmental. Times are changing, what you were raised to believe is acceptable is just not what we live in today. I often see people arguing because one person is stuck in the old days and their old ways. We reminisce on how older days felt and while i miss it too, theirs so much happening around us to be appreciative of as well.

What makes Teja, Teja?

I think my willingness to tell it how it is. I’m honest and open which people don’t see or hear about too often. But not in a rude way, I think my honesty is what gravitates people towards me and trust that I will never lead or steer them in the wrong direction.

Why is it important to support social justice?

It’s the most important thing and has been for a century. We cannot expect change to come by leaving our rights in white people’s hands. In order to create a start on change, we have to be heavily involved, nothing will ever be handed to us.

How do you feel about the recent guilty verdicts in the Ahmaud Arbery case?

Guilty verdicts are always bittersweet. Am I happy Ahmaud’s family was given closure? Absolutely. But I would rather Ahmaud be here with us today. I want the racist violenc

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You can learn more about her agency here: https://www.getsocialwithteja.com/.

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