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Sheena Robinson, The Financial Parent Consultant, is a certified financial education instructor,  certified life coach, empowerment speaker, entrepreneur, and author of Financial Parenthood:  The Keys to Raising a Rich Kid and Light to Wealth. She is also the co-author of The 21 Day Success Plan for Young Entrepreneurs and Influencers. She is a native of Arkansas and a  graduate of Ouachita Baptist University with degrees in Communications and Business. She has been in the financial industry since 2008 teaching life-changing concepts to help people increase their net worth. 

She is the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Diva 4 Wealth LLC, a lifestyle boutique that focuses on helping people with personal, business, and financial success. She conducts various workshops and events throughout the year centered on the organization’s four core values:  Education, Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Success.  

Her love for financial education led her to start a National Financial Literacy Movement to help parents become what she has coined as “financial parents”. Her first book, Financial Parenthood:  The Keys to Raising a Rich Kid is a financial guide that teaches parents the five stages of financial development children go through and what they should be doing at every age level. After writing the book, she still saw a need to help parents and children with additional resources. 

After much thought and prayer, she launched Financial Parent Academy Inc. The academy is a  501(c)3 nonprofit committed to helping parents, children, college students, and growing adults reach financial freedom. As a financial educator, she works with children as early as three-years-old. Her book, Light to Wealth was written to help children advance their reading skills as well as start learning the basics to building a solid financial foundation from an early age. 

As an empowerment speaker, she has served on the National Financial Educators Council  Personal Finance Speakers Association. Her inspiring, upbeat delivery leaves her audience ready to transform their lives. Some of her clients include schools, colleges, women organizations,  community organizations, and other nonprofits. She has also had the opportunity to appear on radio shows. television shows and is featured in magazines. 

She currently serves as the Financial Services Chair for the Atlanta Black Chambers. She was featured in the 17th, 18th, and 19th editions of Who’s Who in Black Atlanta for her service. She was also named as a 2017 “Person on the Move” in the Atlanta Business Chronicle. 

In her free time, she loves hanging out with her circle of love and serving the community. Her children Madison, Maliyah, and Myles are her inspiration for everything she does. Her mission in life is to help people discover their full potential. She lives her life by the motto “I am the  reflection of my past, but a ruler over my future.”

Our Black Woman Magazine got an exclusive interview with Sheena.

Please tell us about the work that you do as a Financial Parent Consultant?

Sheena: As a Financial Parent Consultant, I work with the family.  I help parents put together strategic financial plans for their children and themselves.  I provide a platform where parents and guardians can engage and get the resources, they need to be successful at “financial parenting”. 

I love the title of your book Financial Parenthood: The Keys to Raising a Rich Kid and Light to Wealth. What inspired you to write it and what was the journey like for you to complete it?

Sheena: Being in the financial industry since 2008 and seeing many families struggle to make ends meet, I knew something different needed to be done in the industry.  As I would teach adults financial education as a financial professional, I would always hear “I wish someone would have taught me this when I was younger.” 

After having my first daughter Madison in 2013, I finally made up my mind to be the change I wanted to see in financial education.  I started my journey by publishing my first book, Financial Parenthood: The Keys to Raising a Rich Kid.  The book walks parents through the different phases of financial development children go through and what type of information children should be exposed to in the financial world before they leave home at the age of 18. Being that it was my first book, it took me a while to publish it because I was new to the process and wanted to make sure the book would be easy to understand and effective.

A few years later, I decided to write a book to inspire children as early as 3 – years- old to start reading and learning about finance.  That’s when I decided to write Light to Wealth.  It is a children’s book that comes in different nationalities that introduces children to simple money principles.  I wanted children to see themselves when they read the book, learn the concept of paying yourself first early, and get excited to learn about money.

What impact do you want to make in others’ lives through your role as the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Diva 4 Wealth LLC?

Sheena: Diva 4 Wealth is a lifestyle boutique dedicated to helping women in the areas of their personal, professional, and financial success.  I want to impact women by providing a platform where they can take the limits off.  I want them to feel confident in knowing there is a place they can come to get life coaching, help with starting their businesses, or sorting out their finances.  I want women to be inspired to be the best version of themselves and shine their light.

What have been some of the testimonials you’ve received from those that participate in Financial Parent Academy Inc?

Sheena: We have gotten testimonials from parents on how their children love to attend our program because of how we make it simple and fun. Parents also express their gratitude for the personalized financial plans and having an accountability partner.  Other organizations we have partnered with have commented on how well we put together customized workshops for their audience. Overall, we get testimonials on how people are happy that an organization like ours exists. 

What other projects are currently in the works or soon to come?

Sheena: At Financial Parent Academy, we will be launching our online platform for parents and children this year.  We are excited to be able to serve more people.  I am also currently working on a couple more books that will be launched soon.  

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

Sheena: I love seeing people transform their lives for the better!  I enjoy seeing children’s faces light up when they finally learn financial concepts.  I love when parents become confident about their own finances and get inspired to become a “financial parent”.  It brings me total joy to be a difference-maker in the lives of others.

What else would you like our readers to know about you?

Sheena: I want readers to know that I am passionate about helping others live their best life.  What I am currently doing is not what I went to school for.  I was a Communications major and thought I would be a news reporter until I did an internship and found out I did not want to report bad news.  I went into corporate after graduating college and from there I was fortunate to be introduced to the financial industry where my life has been forever changed.  I share this with you because I don’t want you to think I had it all together.  I did not. God placed me where he wanted me.  He has provided every step of the way.  That’s how I know I am walking in purpose. 

I believe we all have greatness within us.  Many of us did not get the information we needed growing up that could have saved us from some of our decisions, but what I love about life is you have the decision to change your trajectory as an adult just by making a choice.  I want to encourage you to live life on purpose and always find the blessing in whatever situation you may find yourself in.  If any of my services interest you, please reach out and get connected.

How can our readers find your work and keep up to date?

Sheena: To learn more about Diva 4 Wealth, you can check out If you want to learn more about Financial Parent Academy or purchase books or merchandise, you can go to You can also join our V.I.P mailing list on the website or follow us on Instagram at @financialparentacademyinc.


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