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A Chicago native raised in Cabrini Green housing projects then moving to Atlanta to attend CAU, Cher’Don Reynolds does not believe that quality education is the only key to success. She mirrors where she came from as she provides hope, purpose, belief in others, and the ability to be transparent.

After divorcing Corporate America in 2016, and deciding to become what she needed growing up, Mrs. Reynolds began changing the hearts of women in an extraordinary way; by devoting her life to working in the profit sector; promoting financial empowerment for women, and creating opportunities for women in business. She is instrumental in bringing awareness to powerful causes and being a connector with her community. Her brand creates a space that allows women to see themselves and their brands up close and personal bringing forth their gifts, crafts, and talents. She supports women in business by showing them how to utilize and monetize their gifts through promotional products and top-of-mind branding. She works diligently to build her own companies with the goal of being an above-wage job creator and wealth builder to her community.

Cher’Don is SheEO of SHE PRINTS IT LLC., a fiercely female branding, and promotional products company. The core of She Prints It is to help women-owned, led, and operated businesses stay top of mind with their target market. With a focus on branding via promotional products, signs, apparel, and graphic design. She Prints It also offers their clients POD hosting, Fulfillment, and brand product consulting. Mrs. Reynolds is committed to creating a culture that leaves customers feeling like they had a professional experience with a good friend. She is also the founder of She Wear Club, a retail line designed to empower and celebrate women and people of color. Lastly, at the start of COVID-19 Cher’Don created the My Sister’s Keeper Grant. This grant is designed to financially empower women-owned start-ups and small businesses but also to empower the community to build what it needs, never waiting for someone else.

Closer to her heart and home, Mrs. Reynolds is the delighted mother of two children, and wife to husband, of whom she is most proud. Cher’Don Reynolds strongly believes in the work she does to better the world that she will one day leave to her progeny. She continues to inspire others with the belief that we can all win. She truly lives by her creed that “There’s room at the top for everyone, let’s fill it up!”

Please tell us about She Prints It, and the story behind the launch of your business.

Cher’Don: She Prints It started as an idea in 2011 when I had this DOPE vision of creating fun, bold and empowering t-shirt designs. When I struggled to find companies that could accommodate my print needs and budget, I realized that I had to become what I needed. After 6 years of learning and mastering the industry under a different business, that company was dissolved in 2017, and She Prints It, LLC was born. She Prints It started as a print company specializing in Silkscreen, Heat transfer, and Embroidery; the acronyms for SHE.

After a few years in business, we realized that we needed to expand our brand to fit the growing needs of our clients. We now offer Graphic Design Services, thousands of promotional products, Signs, Banners, and much more. But with all the added services and growth of our team, the mission is still the same. She Prints It is committed to helping women-owned, led, and operated businesses stay top of mind with bold, memorable, and impactful promotional products and designs.

How was the journey for you to become a WBENC and WOSB certified company?

Cher’Don: The process of applying for your WBENC and WOSB certification is grueling. They give you 3 months to complete the application and I used every minute of it…LOL. But in all seriousness what I appreciated about the process was it helped me to get my business affairs in order. Sometimes we are so focused on working in our business we forget to work on our business. As I said it wasn’t an easy process, but I am so glad that I got it done.

What are some unique characteristics about your business that keep clients wanting more?

Cher’Don: In addition to providing high-quality products and services, our focus is creating what feels like a professional experience with a friend. We promote our customers’ companies to our email list and social media; we host crafting parties so that we can connect with our clients on a different level. Most importantly our team and brand’s mission looks like and is aligned with our target audience. They can see themselves in us. That is one of the things I love the most about our company. We are empowering women in business, but we do it like it’s a community member, not just a client.

What do you love most about being a boss?

Cher’Don: I don’t love being a boss so to speak but I love being a job creator. I love inspiring other young girls by simply living by example. And I love seeing the smiles and sometimes tears on our clients’ faces after they see their orders. That will never get old, it’s truly my happy place.

How do you balance work and your self-care?

Cher’Don: If I’m being honest, I don’t balance work and self-care. They say when you know better you do better so now that I have been honest with myself about this truth, I am trying to make more time for myself. Thus far it has been easier said than done but I am a work in progress.

Are you currently seeking assistance with your company, if so, what kind?

Cher’Don: We are always looking for help in a number of ways. We are hiring graphic designers, commission-based sales staff and we are accepting donations for our “My Sisters Keeper” micro-grant that you can find at

What else would you like our readers to know about you?

Cher’Don: She Prints It is a bulk order, B2B business but we work with both small and large businesses. Tell us your needs and budget and we will do what we can to bring your vision to life. Additionally, all women-owned businesses get 5% off their first bulk order.

How can we keep up to date with you?

Cher’Don: Visit our website 24/7 She Prints It

Social Media:


FB @sheprintsit

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