Women In Media Making History: Owner of Faithful 2 GOD (F2G) Network,Ty’Nelle

Faithful 2 GOD (F2G) Network located in Chicago, Illinois, is a black family-owned business that caters to the entrepreneurial design of small businesses and startup companies. F2G focuses on helping other emerging companies leave a legacy that will sustain a continuous flow of generational wealth for their families and communities. Providing a marketing platform while assisting others with the launch of new companies. Currently, 4 companies are building throughout the platform. Ty’Nelle is the F2G Radio Station Manager.

How did Faithful 2 GOD (F2G) Network come about?

Ty’Nelle: Removing us from escalating emotional abuse situations. I made the quick decision not to call on anyone for help because we had been let down several times. I tapped into the resilience and determination that I am known for having on speed dial and kicked in and I admit to a homeless shelter. I had made the decision not to depend on anyone else and focus on GOD and my son. While we were in the shelter with all of the negative things that were happening around us, I wanted to make things as normal for my son as possible.

So we started making videos of us daily going and coming. We talked about God, his favor and had as much fun as we could while doing it. Let me tell you we did. This took some of the mom stress away and I could focus on our next steps. Facebook followers were commenting that we needed our own show and that we were hilarious and inspirational. Several people personally knew what we had gone through and my story even before I birthed my son, so, when we ran a competition for our name Faithful 2 GOD (F2G) was created. We started with entertainment from within the shelter and when we moved into our apartment, we kept it growing. We quickly moved on to an emerging apparel line, then to our own show, explored the radio world and now have launched Faithful @ God Network.

We understand that you are a family-owned business. Who in your family do you work with and what has it been like working with them?

Ty’Nelle: Well, me and my business partner have been tight since the womb, honestly. I partnered up with my only born son, B. Snow, who is not only the co-founder of F2G, he also holds the positions of Creative Director and Lead Engineer. As his mom I’m so very proud of him, as his business partner we take turns biting our lips at each other. LOL! When we agree our collabs are amazing. We have heated conversations and fire-blazed ideas that result in us planning for generational wealth. I have occasionally quit and fired him, then God reminds me of who he is a product of, prayer happens and we get back to work.

What do you enjoy most about being in the media industry?

Ty’Nelle: I love talking to all of the different personalities! Hearing their stories and feeling like I’m there right in the moment with them. I’m a storyteller so having a platform that allows for the telling of a spectacular story is like taking a deep breath for me.

What type of guests and topics are you passionate about highlighting through the radio show?

Ty’Nelle: F2G Radio Show focuses on faith-based and clean artistry, entrepreneurs, and motivators especially, those who are making a strong impact on the black culture.

What else are you currently working on or involved with?

Ty’Nelle: I am simultaneously working on two #1 bestselling books that are scheduled to launch later this year. The Adventures of Tuggah and Gommy is a children’s series that I am co-author along with my 4-year- old God-son Michael. It will talk about all of the amazing times we have with life lessons for adults and children. A portion of those funds will be put towards his college education. Flat on my back: Resilience Realigned is a health and wellness book based on a trauma that I survived. This book is designed to reach, teach and release you into your next.

What words of encouragement would you leave for fellow black women who aspire to enter the media industry?

Ty’Nelle: WE, my beautiful black Queens are just as empowering as our counterparts. Don’t back down, remain steadfast, unmovable, be resilient, encouraged, and explore all options then excel.

Follow on social media @iamtynelle and @F2g.network or our website www.f2gradio.net

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