African luxury brand Adolophine, founded in 2018 by Kinshasa native and Baluba Adolophine Lukabu Sheeley, a Congolese-American entrepreneur and philanthropist, has just been featured in OprahDaily and ahead of the company’s major, international gala event supporting its nonprofit, Les Amis de Mulunda et Georgette (Friends of Mulunda & Georgette, or LAMG). The famed entertainment, beauty and fashion periodicals are highlighting Adolophine’s craftsmanship and uniqueness in the brand’s wide variety of products, sourced from countries all over Africa, and lovingly created and designed by indigenous craftspeople. OprahDaily Magazine extols the quality of Adolophine in 24 Black-Owned Handbag Brands To Have And To Hold, while highlights Ms. Sheeley’s numerous business achievements in their feature story, Beyond Women’s History Month: Black Women Fashion Designers You Should Know.

LAMG was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic, which precluded any large, in-person events from taking place. Now that the crisis has subsided, Adolophine is ready to host this unprecedented gathering, scheduled for April 22 at 5:30 PM, which will draw luminaries from all over the Democratic Republic Of Congo. Among the more than 100 attendees expected to join the festivities, celebrating LAMG’s dedication to the redevelopment and renewal of this African nation, are Congo’s Political Elite, top musicians and business leaders, Petroliere officials, Executive Directors of organizations, and members of Kinshasa’s society elite.

Adolophine, working with Les Amis de Mulunda et Georgette (Friends of Mulunda & Georgette, or LAMG), its nonprofit organization, seeks to assist in the development of The Congo (RDC). LAMG seeks to carry out the vital work of providing several Kinshasa orphanages with food, healthcare, and educational services. LAMG also operates a farm just outside the city, gifts women with land for cultivation, imparts life and vocational skills to promote self-sufficiency, and supports elders in the community with food, medicine, and companionship. Funding for this essential work comes via  Adolophine, whose sales allow LAMG’s life-giving activities to continue from day to day.

While the event proceeds, Adolophine will also make official visits to their three operating orphanages, senior assisted living facility, and survey new farmland locations closer to Kinshasa. A search is also on to establish an intermediate health facility to function between local clinics and the hospital emergency room. Along the way, Adolophine will also be doing site visits to find new office space, and enjoy exploring the cities of Kinshasa, Brazzaville, and Pointe Noire.

More about the event seen here.

You can discover the beauty of Adolophine at their website. To learn more about Les Amis, click here.

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