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Johanne Joseph wants you to present your gorgeous, natural crown with CONFIDENCE! With her company, J’Organics, this master beautician and product creator brings a line of natural hair care products to heal and showcase your beautiful tresses. Johanne combines her Haitian roots and knowledge of nature’s bounty to develop products that grow, moisturize and elevate our natural hair. Not only is she paving a new path in beauty, Johanne uses her company to invest in the Haitian economy providing jobs and educational opportunities. She shows us the beauty in all things through her passion for the industry and her love of people.

Johanne, thank you for taking the time to speak with me! How does it feel to be so impactful to women entrepreneurs?

JJ: I feel honored and humbled to know that all my hard work have not gone unnoticed

Why is it important that black founders are acknowledged in the beauty industry?

JJ: Historically, Black Founders like myself have been overlooked, overlooked, underserved and left to self fund or bootstrap our businesses.  Like everyone else, we launch our businesses with intent to succeed and we do so, despite the systemic challenges we face.  We deserve to be acknowledged because we defy the odds and continue to innovate and break down barriers. We over invest in ourselves, our businesses and the quality of our products, because we know what we’re up against.  We give consumers the best of ourselves through authenticity and integrity of every product we create. 

What do you think is the “missing piece” for many brands when it comes to creating sustainability?

JJ: If a brand is starting their companies from the ground up in a way that produces an immediate advantage with a sustainability model from the onset, they are more likely to set themselves apart. However, many brands that already exist on the market will have to incorporate sustainable practices, products and packaging as a “new way of doing business”, but that may impact profitability.  The “missing piece” in my opinion is access to capital – many brands do not have the extra Financial resources needed to adapt to the new business realities of sustainability.  

What inspired you to start J’Organics Solutions?

JJ: I was a Hair stylist struggling to find quality products for myself and my clients which inspired me to start making own products and eventually started my own brand 

Can you share a few tips on how taking a leap of faith can work in your favor?

JJ: Taking a leap of faith can work in your favor in a few ways. You get to see your dreams become a reality, you realize how great of an idea you had all along, you appreciate the impact your business is having on others. Your leap can also inspire other people to do the same. And ultimately, taking the leap of faith means you are willing to bet on yourself first, and that alone works in your favor because people will value your courage and will support and invest in you.

What is next for you J’Organic Solutions and tell us about your hero products?

JJ: We are getting ready to launch a new revolutionary hair mask that will surely change the way naturalistas feels about wash day, I am super excited and really looking forward to that.

My Hero Product is the amazing Growth Plus scalp Serum, My clients used to call it the hair crack when I used to own my salon lol. This scalp serum was created for women who are on a journey to grow longer and thicker hair and need a boost on speeding up that process by stimulation those hair follicles and make them work harder to produce new hair growth faster.

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