Founder of Dessy & Co, Jdesray Soon To Launch Mobile Boutique and Expand Locations

From a young age, her family and friends relied on JDesray to help them shape and curate their closets. Inspired by her mother to get up and be dressed in her god-given style, JDesray caters to women of all shapes and sizes in her high-scale fashion boutique, Dessy&Co.

Located on East 8 Mile Road right across from Eastland Mall, Dessy&Co. offers a variety of styles and shopping options. She carries sizing that includes everything from zero to  3x and 4x. Her boutique is a favorite among full-figured women looking for high-scale fashion and evening wear in Detroit.

Since opening in October 2020, Dessy&Co. has drawn and cultivated a loyal customer base with unique offerings. There are customers that come in weekly and on a routine basis to update their wardrobes and connect with the community JDesray has built. JDesray wants everyone to feel welcome and like they have a size and place there. Her mission is to help women love the clothes they wear and have a happy experience shopping for them.

JDresay’s career started with a nursing background and working in an adult foster care home. From there she went into real estate and flipping homes. In June of 2020 her husband, Xavier Hicks, told her to [do what you want to do] and open the boutique. With his support and persistence and her children’s patience, the boutique came to life.

Today you can book JDesray as your personal stylist for a consult or book VIP hours as your personal shopper. She has hosted things like Girls Night, bachelorette parties, and custom events onsite and is offering Bridal Party Styling. Opening the boutique has offered her the chance to bring her party planning expertise and fashion sense together in a powerful way. 

JDesray believes in curating Real Clothes for Real Women. Call to book your own appointment and experience the feeling of knowing you can always find what you need at Dessy&Co.

JDesray has always been the friend you go to when you need fashion advice.

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