Sparkle & Sass Is Helping Women Achieve the Wedding Dress of Their Dreams

By: Ashley-Victoria Smith

What happens when you’re 36 weeks pregnant and laid off from your corporate job? Since drinking a glass of wine after crying and screaming at the Universe “why” is out of the picture, you do the crazy thing of starting your own bridal formal wear business, at least that what Atlanta based, Stacie A Sanders Martin did when she launched Sparkle & Sass out of her home.  

Taking a leap of faith and working on the limited amount of funds, not to mention going into labor any day now, Stacie was determined to make a childhood dream of hers come to life. From a very early age, Sanders was obsessed with watching pageants and wanted to be Miss America. “I loved the evening gown portion the most and would walk around the house in my mom’s dresses and heels pretending to be a pageant queen,” says Sanders with a chuckle and smile. “But the most inspiration for designing and just an overall love of gowns I would have to attribute to Princess Diana. I loved her and her style. I remember reading every book and looking at all of the pictures of her wearing just stunning dresses and wanting to wear and create looks like hers.”

Speaking of Princess, that’s exactly what Stacie A. Atelier is doing for her clients, making them feel like a Princess every step of the way in designing their fit for a Queen wedding dress.  “When a bride puts on one of my pieces, I want her to radiate with confidence and look effortly elegant and regal. In my designs, you will  find classic silhouettes, detailed beading and pearls paired with various textured fabrics, ruffles and laces that create a soft look that still provides hints of sass while reflecting the bride’s personality in the design.” says Sanders. 

Under the Stacie A. Atelier brand, Sanders works with her client’s one on one, to understand exactly what they want for their dream dress and creates the magic of the perfect dress through every tiny detail and sparkle. “Every stitch must be perfect, every bead or piece of lace strategically selected and placed and the hemlines sewn to perfection,” explains Sanders. “I firmly believe how a brand treats their customers is a direct reflection of the quality and care they put into their pieces”.

Stacie A Atelier by appointment only showroom is located at 4651 Roswell Rd Bld. G Ste. 601 Atlanta, GA. Brides to be can book their consultation here

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