When I Say I Do: Bridal Stories With Christal Jordan

The National Healthy Marriage Resource Center tells us that during the last decades the rates of marriage in the black community have declined while the rates of divorce, separation, cohabitation, and children residing in female-headed households have increased.

Today we take a look at the love story of self-proclaimed, hopeful romantic, Christal D. Jordan and her husband Adrian to showcase that Black Love and Black Marriages do and can exist in a healthy way. Jordan serves as a Relationship and Women’s Issue editor for Rolling Out Magazine.

She is an award-winning author, journalist, and media consultant. In 2008, Jordan founded Enchanted Branding & Public Relations, one of the most in-demand entertainment public relations and branding firms in the southeast. The boutique agency boasted A-list celebrity clientele and brokered deals with commercial brands such as Coca-cola, Monster, L’ORÉAL, Beachbody, and many more.

Also, Christal hosts a YouTube series and a webisode series titled “Reality Check” for the magazine and does bi-weekly pop culture segments for Fox 5 Atlanta. In the spring of 2022, Jordan was tapped by OWN to co-host a digital after show for one of the network’s highest-rated shows.

In addition to her entertainment endeavors, Jordan is Executive Director for UC Asset, a global real estate investment company based in Atlanta, Ga.

When did you and your husband meet and when did you know you were in love?

Christal: I met my husband Adrian right before the pandemic started. I was added to a private singles group on Facebook and because I’d taken a dating hiatus — I decided to join the group just for something to do. I remember being nervous about all the news about the impending pandemic, so I decided to play around and introduce myself in the group just to get my mind off the news. I received messages from (4) guys and he was one of the four.

I didn’t realize I was in love with him probably until (6) months into dating. After being hurt badly and single for such a long time I’d built up a strong resistance to anything short of consistency. We got into an argument one day and I went home, and it shocked me how emotional I was about the possibility of us not seeing each other anymore. With any other man I’d dated over the last 10 years, I never felt emotional if the relationship ended. I had gotten so cold it even scared me sometimes. But in this situation, I felt myself experiencing uncontrollable sadness….it was then I realized the love bug had bitten me!

What was your wedding planning journey like? 

Christal: My wedding planning journey was a nightmare! LOL At first, I didn’t want to have a wedding but as my heart swelled with love for him the more, I wanted to share that love with friends and family. Being a former entertainment publicist, I tend to think I can do everything, so I tried to plan everything myself and keep things super small and intimate. Two weeks before the wedding I realized I was killing myself, so I threw myself at the mercy of wedding planner extraordinaire Brian Keith — and he made it happen.

When the wedding was over how did you feel?

Christal: I think when the wedding was over, I was in shock. We’d been doing so much, and I worked up until the day of the wedding. It was later that night that I realized…wow I’m really married…again.

What would you like to say to your husband and family?

Christal:I think I fall more and more in love with my husband every day. He is truly my best friend and has been 100% with me from the jump. I respect and admire his character and his heart. I haven’t met many men with the type of heart that he has for his own family and even others. He proved to me that he was a man of his word, and I don’t think I’ve ever met a more consistent man in my life. He is also fine AF — so that doesn’t hurt. LOL. I just want to thank my friends and family for supporting us. It was a day we’ll never forget.

Let’s talk about your career. What do you enjoy most about the work that you do? 

Christal: Writing has been my passion since I was in 3rd grade. I feel so blessed to be able to write for a living. Writing is a big part of my job as an author, an editor, and even as an entertainment publicist. Much of my work consisted of writing. I also enjoy talking to people and encouraging them with positive words. I believe that media is the most powerful entity in the public spectrum, so I never take that for granted. When people listen to you or read your words you have the power to influence them and that’s a responsibility, I don’t take for granted.

What else would you like our readers to know about you and what can we be on the lookout for from you?

Christal: I want every reader to know that love is out there for them! Love is powerful and as cliche as it may sound it really starts with self. I believe if I hadn’t done the work on myself and learned to love Christal — I don’t think I would’ve been able to recognize and appreciate a man who truly loved me.

I had the honor to spend time with Iyanla Vanzant on Fix my Life and one of the biggest lessons she taught me was to look INSIDE whenever I was unhappy with an area of my life. She taught me that what you do in one area — you’ll do in multiple areas. So complaining about the men you keep running into or the women who are no good will never result in you finding true love. Speak positive and work on yourself — that’s the only way to truly experience love….first of self…and then from others.

As a new bride and Relationship and the Women’s Issue editor for Rolling Out Magazine, what should women consider before heading into a relationship and marriage?

Christal: I see so many women settle for situations that make absolutely no sense because they are motivated by fear. There is an unhealthy narrative that’s being pushed that suggests career/ alpha women are undesirable. I believe many women buy into that narrative and allow it to dictate what they will and will not allow. Anything you are motivated to do by fear — will not lead to God’s best.

How can our readers keep up to date with all you have going on?

Christal: I would love it if your readers subscribed to my YouTube channel. The growth is slow because I’m not being salacious and trying to do things for shock value. I truly want to inspire others and plant a seed in viewers to not give up on love. I have another book coming out this summer that consists of love affirmations. I can’t wait to share that with others. Ms. Vanzant challenged me to use my experience to help others and I truly believe that’s what I’m supposed to do.


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