Women Inspiring Women: President Of Chasing Rainbows Grief Coaching Services, Dr. Kameika Hinson

As the President of Chasing Rainbows Grief Coaching Services, LLC and the Founder of Jeremiah’s Journey to Healing Ministries, Dr. Kameika Hinson teaches women who have had pregnancy or infant loss how to cope, heal and flourish through purpose discovery and storytelling. Her story impacts the lives of millions of women around the world.

“My legacy will provide for my family for infinity and beyond” – Dr. Kameika Hinson

Sheen Magazine reported that Changemakers like Dr. Kameika Hinson are using their personal testimonies of having PCOS and being challenged with infertility. Dr. Kameika often gives tips to people who are grieving such as allowing yourself to grieve because grief does not have a set timeline. She finds that so many people try to conform to the timeline of others. This is not their journey to dictate how long you should grieve nor is it their journey to tell you what you should or should not be doing. Take control of your grief journey to wellness after loss.

She thanks God for pushing her through the tough times with infant loss and grief. It is important for Dr. Kameika because she remembers feeling so alone. None of her family could understand what she was going through because they had never experienced the loss of a child. Dr. Kameika stated that the statistics say that 1 in 4 women will experience pregnancy or infant loss but she still felt lost in a world of chaos. This is when Dr. Kameika decided that there was a need for this specific group of women and she made it her mission to help them.

Dr. Kameika was also recently featured in We Empower Magazine and SwagHer Magazine.

“ The impact that I want to make in the world is that everyone has a purpose and your purpose is found in your pain. But once you’ve found your purpose, don’t just sit on it. Seek guidance from your God and act on it. Faith without works is dead.” – Dr. Kameika Hinson

We are so proud of Dr. Kamieka. Read more of her story at Sheen Magazine here: http://www.sheenmagazine.com/cherishing-the-rainbows-after-grief-with-dr-kameika-hinson/

Photo Credit: Rhayna C. Photography

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