Barbra Gentry-Pugh, CEO & Executive Director of Kairos-B-Enterprises

Barbra is CEO & Executive Director of Kairos-B-Enterprises, LLC. Kairos-B-Enterprises provides a collaborative and strategic process for an exploratory pathway that moves people towards personal healing and restoration from the wounds of life to live holistic and impactful lives through transformational relationships. She is also the founder and CEO of Heart Expressions Ministries International, a faith-based ministry, devoted to reaching the heart of women one beat at a time, to live lives expressing the heartbeat of God.

Barbra is an Author, Creative Strategist, Transformational Writer, and Speaker, Mentor, Bible Teacher. She is also a Certified Biblical Counselor and past adjunct professor with Christian Research and Development. Barbra is a Certified International Life Coach ~ Holistic Approach: Mind, Body, & Spirit.

Barbra is an International Published Award-Winning Author. She is a PWN International Literary Award Recipient for her first book “Every Beat of My Heart”, her debut book release. Her book shares prescriptions for the physical, emotional, and spiritual blockage that hinders the Source of life which flows from the heartbeat of God. She is a contributing author of seven books with The Professional Woman Network. She co-authored volume 1 of the workbook to her book and just completed the anthology, Unlock Your Hidden Treasure, It’s Time to Shine, released in February 2022. Barbra and her daughter Portia are co-contributing authors of her latest anthology Raising Daughters, with PWN, to be published in May 2022 and released at the Professional Woman Network International Conference, in August 2022.

Barbra is the past host of the Barbra Gentry-Pugh Show, and Heart Expressions with Barbra. Her show provided a wide range of information to assist in bringing balance and wholeness of the body, mind, and spirit as well as in introducing and supporting Christian business, and professional women entrepreneurs. Barbra is a member National Association of Biblical Counselors, the Michigan Association for Female Entrepreneurs (MAFE), and the Professional Woman Network.

Barbra has a BS in Human Services from the University of Detroit, Barbra’s early years of Christian development and spiritual formation set the stage for the many experiences that fashioned her life to be one that would esteem Christ and glorify God. Her passion for the Word of God and zeal for excellence in the service of God led her to Michigan Theological Seminary, now (Moody Theological Seminary-Michigan), and graduated in 2004, with a Master of Arts in Christian Education.

She is a Registered Nurse with over 40 years of working in various areas of nursing. These experiences have assisted her in a greater understating of human behavior and the interrelatedness of the mind, body, and spirit. Barbra has received certifications from The Professional Woman Network that has further grounded her for the work of ministry. Her presentations are delivered with grace, inspiration, relevancy, and transparency. She has an exceptional slant on the conditions of physical life, which correlates spiritual truth and the relevance of God in life situations embracing the mystery of truth and life in every beat of her heart.

Barbra has over 30 years of working in ministry as President of Women’s Ministries and outreach ministries. She is President of the Royal Ambassadors for Christ, a Christian outreach ministry involved in reaching the lost for Christ. She traveled to Senegal, West Africa as a missionary and representative of (RAFC.) Her life Scripture is Acts 20:24,But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus, the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.” (NLT)

Barbra was married to the late Robert Pugh and has two children Anthony and Portia.


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