Black Woman On Fire: Owner of BagCrush, Shannon “Hollywood” Rucker

Shannon “Hollywood” Rucker; is an entrepreneur based in the Metro Detroit area. BagCrush, established in 2015, is a luxury line of bags, purses, wallets, clothing, and experiences. Shannon is the lead designer who create, cut, design, and sews handmade handbags. You wouldn’t believe that she’s self-taught when you see these bags. Shannon started by making clutch bags only, advancing her skill, style, and impeccable talent to enhance her line by adding unique styled bags such as backpacks, fanny packs, fringe bags, hobo bags, and more.

Shannon’s motto is to build confidence through being edgy and different from the rest. Shannon has been an ARTIST, testing her artistry as a nail tech for nearly three decades; she is a highly sought makeup artist. Shannon’s profession as a nail tech and MUA prepared her well. She took her talent to another level to create a brand many have learned to love. When asked, “Do you believe that you are living your passion?” Shannon replied, “I believe this is my calling and passion, and I’m here to obey and listen. I dream of opening my own manufacturing company in Detroit, MI, or the surrounding area. My goal is to be a household name worldwide, and I will continue to create what my customers want.”

Bag Crush is now being sold internationally online at and in the following locations in the Metro Detroit and the surrounding area Inspire Marketplace located in Partridge Creek Mall, Boss Babes Boutique in Oakland Park, Michigan, and Village Art Gallery in Rochester Hills, Michigan. While Bag Crush has begun to put her bags on storefronts throughout Michigan, she plans to add more locations to her roster in Detroit and other major cities throughout the United States.

It’s one thing for sure this BLACK WOMAN is on fire!!

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