Discussing Mental Health Awareness Month With Dr. Shanna Van Ness

May is mental health awareness month. We are thrilled to have join us, Certified Business, Executive, and Life Coach, Dr. Shanna Van Ness. Recently in her Bronze Magazine interview, Dr. Shanna shared that burnout is a huge issue amongst women entrepreneurs.

Growing up as an entrepreneur she worked a full-time job and successfully achieved her educational goals. Later in life, she remarried and now has two beautiful grown daughters, ages 25 and 22. She was also blessed with her Bonus daughter, 13, and her 3-year-old son. Dr. Shanna shares all this because she stated it felt like she has been on “go” all the time and as a result, she also did experience burn-out.

After her experience with “burn-out”, she had to retrain herself in adding balance back into her life. So to ensure she made herself a priority in regaining balance in life, Dr. Shanna then placed “ME” on her calendar.

Dr. Shanna encourages everyone to understand that self-preservation is not selfish. We all need time to decompress. Quickly after her experience with burnout, she learned that she cannot pour into others if her cup was empty. So, a tip she offers is to treat yourself like you would treat your best friend.

As a Black woman entrepreneur, how do you use your resources/talents/knowledge to empower other women of color?

Dr. Shanna: As a Black Woman Entrepreneur, I use my resources, talents, and knowledge to empower other women of color in many ways. First and foremost, I live by the motto “We Lift as We Climb”. So, for me that means, that each day that I rise I get to fulfill my passion and purpose, defining what success is for me. As I go and grow, I get to support others along the way. So, I use my resources, talents, and knowledge to support the growth and development of others. Some days it’s hard work, but I am clear that my HARD WORK is my “My Heart Work”.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Does mental health ever come up in your coaching discussions? In what ways do you guide your clients to balance their careers and mental health?

Dr. Shanna: Absolutely, mental health comes up in my coaching discussions. Specifically, in my profession. As I pour into others, I am aware that I also need people to pour into to support me in sustaining my mental health. I can also say that in my coaching sessions, a lot of clients come to be burned out because they are struggling to balance simply life — career, family, physical health, relationships, etc. And, finding that balance can take a toll on one’s mental health. I guide and support my clients in balancing life and their mental and physical well-being by providing them with strategies that can support them. First, I encourage my clients to adopt the mindset of self-preservation.

I guide them in understanding that self-preservation is not selfish, but a mindset to ensure they have taken care of themselves first before others. For example, on airplanes, they instruct us to put on our oxygen masks before assisting someone else, right? So, it is the same in our daily lives. Before we can put on the cape for someone else, lean back, and make sure you are good. Applying this strategy comes with practice because it takes time to adopt a new mindset when you always lean in to support someone else as opposed to leaning to be supported. Second, I guide my clients in balancing life and mental health by learning to create boundaries. Ultimately, it is fine to say “No”! It is more than fine to establish limits. For example, let work time be simply work time. When work is over and it’s family time, personal time, meditation time, workout time — let that be its dedicated time. We all need balance and balance is what strengthens us mentally.

What have you been up to as of late and what are you preparing to work on?

Dr. Shanna: Wow, as you said we are already in the month of May. So, this month I have been preparing to close year-end projects and contracts. I am working with my clients and acquiring new clients for the upcoming quarter. I am excited to work with an amazing team that is truly supportive and open to my vision. I am thrilled to publish the “Live Life in Committed Action 90 Day Journal”.

This journal can be purchased at any time in one’s life when they are ready to get unstuck, clarify their vision, to then live life in committed action and achieve extraordinary results. I am also excited to re-launch the “Living Room Talk Show”. The show was created to promote positive social change through engaged dialogue with leaders and influencers who developed solutions to prevalent issues that impact diverse communities. With the re-launch of the show, I am adding a new ingredient in which I highlight the work of business leaders that provide strategic solutions that can support entrepreneurial and community growth. This time “The Living Room” will be more resource-oriented, provide strategic solutions, and support the growth and development of others. So, stay tuned for that.

What else do you think is vital for our readers to know about you and the work that you do?

Dr. Shanna: This is a great question. I think it is vital that readers know I am passionate about the work I do and each day I am grateful to fulfill my purpose. As I work progressively defining my own success, I want readers to know I am a Wife, Mother, SistaFriend, and Motivator. I also want readers to know that if you are feeling stuck in an area of your professional and/or personal life know that there is a way to get unstuck. If you desire to get unstuck and live your life in committed action passionately fulfilling your purpose, contact Dr. Shanna V. Coaching so we can clarify your vision to achieve extraordinary results now.

Let’s fast forward to 2023. How does 2023 Dr. Shanna hope to define the previous year?

Dr. Shanna: In 2023, Dr. Shanna V. hopes to define the previous year as one that I lived LIFE in COMMITTED ACTION ACHIEVING EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS DEFINED BY MY OWN SUCCESS.

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