Owners of Boujee Hippie Shows Us That It’s Not A Bad Thing For Black Women to Take Up Space

Black women are prioritizing themselves – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually more and more lately. And though many do not agree, there are some who are all for this “behavior” (me included). The boujee lifestyle is in and is here to stay! But it doesn’t mean that a laid-back, relaxed, hippie lifestyle is out. Oh, how the balance is needed! And I might add, the balance is beautiful. And with any lifestyle a woman desires to have, the perfect fit is needed. And to ensure that outfit is polished, the perfect undergarment must be present. 

Now we know all about popular undergarment companies like Skims, Spanx, and many more, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for another. With shapewear becoming more and more acknowledged with women being unafraid to use it, companies like Boujee Hippie are taking the opportunity to celebrate bodies and supply women with what they need to feel confident in every outfit they put on. The black women-owned wellness business offers women support with maintaining a healthy mind, body, and soul, which is all needed for the black woman to enjoy her life movement. Owners, Tiffanie Mims and Ashley Antoinette gave me an inside scoop about their company, being a black woman in business, and more. 



Check out the interview below. 


Where did the name Boujee Hippie come from? It seems like an oxymoron, so can you share the significance of that name?

Ashley: Tiffanie and I are opposite in ways that make our friendship so golden. Where I lack, she is abundant and vice versa, which is how we came up with our name. We represent the versatility of femininity. She’s the Boujee and I’m the Hippie.

Tiffanie Mims and Ashley Antoinette, you both co-founded Boujee Hippie; what was the reasoning or the driving force behind the establishment of this company?

Tiffanie: Honestly, we got tired of seeing and purchasing products that didn’t work. We are sold daily through advertising on products that don’t work. We wanted to create products that work and also promote body positivity. Shapewear has always been a staple in the black community. Our mothers and grandmothers wouldn’t dare be caught on Sunday without their girdles and we wore slips underneath Our dresses. Which led us to create shapewear that smooths and lifts all while being sexy.

Ashley: We got tired of being left out of the wellness conversation. Companies love to sell us beauty products that focus on the outside. We wanted to create products that focus on curating beauty from the inside FIRST. We wanted to empower Black women with a weight loss system that works and give them a community of women who can relate to their struggle. We wanted shapewear that was made with our curves in mind. In short, we got tired of not finding shit for us on shelves, so we created them.

To be a modern black woman owning a business in a time where women are still overlooked but are significantly progressing, how does it feel? Is it surreal? Is it nerve-wracking at times?

Tiffanie:  It feels good to be a black woman honestly. We’ve been running households since the beginning of time. Of course, we can run board rooms and our own brands. Black has always been beautiful and it feels amazing to finally be recognized. Other cultures have been tapping into our swag for years. Representation matters and it feels good to let other women see it’s possible.

Ashley: I don’t think Black women have ever been more seen. The modern Black woman isn’t waiting for anyone to give her anything. She’s taking her piece of the pie unapologetically. It feels amazing. There’s nothing better than walking into a room and meeting eyes with another Black woman walking her path. It’s a sisterhood and it must be protected. The narrative of Black women being unable to get along is played and we’re rewriting that story every time we uplift one another. Doing big business isn’t nerve-wracking. We’ve been doing that. We’ve been running businesses. That’s what the homes we make are. It’s management. It’s an establishment. It’s leadership. Its financial literacy. Now we’re just taking it to the boardrooms. We were built for this.

At times, women are noted to be jealous and spiteful, do you receive support from other women in the industry? If so and if not, how does it affect you?

Ashley: I’ve experienced some jealousy and spite in my career, but I’ve experienced more genuine love. I hold onto the positive moments and interactions and keep the negative people away from me. I pray for them though because there is nothing like a tribe of women who root for your wins. Shout out to Ash Army and the Boujee Babes.

Tiffanie: I think any successful person has its share of haters. Envy is a disease and it plagues women and men. I don’t let it get to me, it comes with the territory. I choose to put my focus and attention on women who support and I’ve encountered way more supporters than I have haters.

That is beautiful. To be able to hold on to the positivity in spite of is such a strength. I believe a company grows strong when the owners and team focus on the positive. With your company, what can people honestly expect from it? 

Ashley: Quality products that work! No gimmicks.

Tiffanie: We have the best shapewear on the planet and supplements that work!

As consumers, how important is it for black women to get involved in the “lifestyle and wellness” market? Not so much for the hype, but I’m curious about how beneficial it will be for their wellbeing? 

What would be one thing you would love to share with your 13-year-old self? 

Tiffanie: I would tell my 13-year-old self that you’re enough little tiff. Nobody gets to dictate your beauty or self-worth. I had very low self-esteem because I cared about what others thought.

Ashley: I’d tell myself to always prioritize myself first. I’m the nurturer. I like to take care of everyone around me, and I sometimes forget to take care of myself. Wisdom and life experience have taught me that you can’t pour from an empty cup. It’s cliché but it’s true.


And if we’re honest, we would agree that our younger selves needed a little more self-esteem, confidence, and encouragement too, but it’s never too late to begin appreciating ourselves. Thank you to Tiffanie and Ashley for being Black women in the forefront reminding us that we are beautiful and needed to take up space. Be sure to stay connected with them on Instagram @ashleyantoinette and @bdonnas plus check out our company page @shopboujeehi and/or check out their site at https://www.boujeehippie.co/


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