Signs Follow the Phenomenon! An Inside Look Into Graced 2 Govern Ministries Dunamis Gathering.

An experience. An encounter. A phenomenon. July was it all! This month came with the fire, from the record-breaking temperatures to events that erupted the city of Houston. Houston has had a great month with concerts, plays, and conferences. And I’m elated to have been invited to one of the hottest events of the summer – Phenomenon presented by the speaker, the builder, the author, the entrepreneur, the spiritual advisor, the mentor, the prototype, the apostle, Kenya Gary and Graced 2 Govern Ministries. 

Every night elevated in fire to another level which was officiated by some of the greatest to ever do it in the Business, Arts & Entertainment, and Religion mountains. These giants transported and transferred extraordinary cognizance for the next magnitude of influence, wealth, greatness, and wholeness. The detailed, strategic Phenomenon showered each and every guest, whether VIP or not, from the time they hit the parking lot. From parking being attended by Laurica Wooten to the smooth transition to the VIP red carpet and boutique overseen by Danielle Kirts (and special thanks to Constina and her assistance, who was a premier vendor on Thursday night with her own boutique – Constina’s Boutique), to the effective flow of the speakers coordinated by Resha Williams, badges created for the VIPs and speakers by Ashley Gipson, and Shy Beniot being of excellent service to Apostle Kenya, every individual felt honored and the event was done in excellence. 

The apostle graced us every night in the most immaculate outfits styled by Emileez Boutique (and earrings from Fearless Journey Suite and Boutique by Nick Journey). The highly requested stylist Emily C. Criswell has outfits for every budget and every style. Each day she had Apostle Kenya Gary sharp (do we still say that?).

The flawless black & white looks were show-stopping. The outfits stand as a reminder that you can be saved and fashionable. You can preach, you can teach, and you can walk into the marketplace with style and grace.


And that’s not it! This highly celebrated conference hosted at the Church of the Nation – Headquarters location, which was more of Christ on display than a conference, is awaiting the documentary hosted by Day Edwards Bafloe and Amazon to be released. Amazing, right? Wait, no it’s phenomenal! The documentary will catch the essence of the power displayed, the elevation released, and much more. But the headlines don’t just stop there! Apostle Kenya was just featured on the cover of Majesty Now magazine with a 2-page spread declaring It’s Going to Happen Regardless and more. 

Pastors, evangelists, teachers, apostles, first ladies, and marketplace industry leaders (whom you can learn more about after connecting with the hostess, Apostle Kenya Gary) taught and demonstrated the presence and poise and power, and posture of a phenomenal woman. From the VIP night on Wednesday, July 13th to the Close Out Paragon on July 16th, women were reminded that they are the phenomenon, that they are not an option but they are the one, and to not be afraid of their voice. And when women get on one accord of who they are, of what they carry, and what they can do together, an entire nation can shift.


Overall, it was quite a demonstration with many testimonies of bodies healed, financial miracles, restoration, and more!



To learn more about the event or to just connect with the host visit and follow her on social media at 


Premier Vendors

Apostle Gary not only created a hub for impartation but also brought women-owned businesses into the space to connect. The premier vendors didn’t miss! 

01 Taste of Mari

02 The Lit CEO

03 Emileez Boutique

The host Kenya Gary was styled by her for the entire gathering.


04 No! Wiggle No! Jiggle

05 Crafty Mom Boutique

07 The Vision Consulting Firm 

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