Celebrating Self-Improvement Month With Business Mogul, Karwanna D

Self-Improvement Month is celebrated in the month of September to highlight and praise the progression, elevation, glow-up, and perseverance of those who have made major victories in their personal and professional lives.

Along with taking the time to reflect and take in the accomplishments that are achieved, it is also a time for planning and executing your goals while on the mission of your growth or helping others grow as well.

Today we’re spotlighting Business Expert and Government Contract Strategist, Karwanna D. She continues to make small businesses recession-proof with government contracts. To be a client of hers will improve you and your business to a whole new level.

September is self-improvement month. Please tell us about what you have improved personally and as a business owner this year.

Karwanna D: I think this year I have personally done a lot of work to improve the executive CEO in me, meaning that I showed up for myself when it came to a lot of the programs that I’ve invested in and put in place specifically to teach me about creating systems and processes, developing tracking systems to track the progress of my revenues versus my output into advertisements, and as well as tracking the appropriate KPI’s for my team.

I know that has little to do with me personally, but professionally it helps me to become a better CEO and to become more aware of the condition and position of my business as a whole so that I can continue to grow in business.

I also would like to say personally, as a business owner, I’ve become more aware of the different options in business that I now have as I’ve evolved from starting and developing a business, into growing a business, to then scaling a business, and now optimizing that business for continued growth. So personally I’ve developed into a person who is now aware of the different phases in business and I think I’m a little bit more articulate about what I want, where I want my business to grow, and I’m a little bit more conscious about my brand and the way that I show up in business to my clients as well as potential clients.

One of the things I’m most proud of when it comes to my personal growth is my willingness to continue to invest in myself. The level of investment for me has gotten tremendously greater than where I was 20 years ago when I first started my business and didn’t invest in myself at all. One of my favorite quotes by Les Brown states “You gotta do something you’ve never done before, in order to get something you’ve never had before.” So now there’s no limit to what I’m willing to invest in myself in order to get what I need so that I can be the person I aspire to be.

What can you tell us about the services you provide to improve other entrepreneurs who are growing their businesses?

Karwanna D: I think any service-based business that brings value to other entrepreneurs is an amazing business because it’s selfless. For me, I’ve been able to accomplish and change my life in an amazing way because of the knowledge that I’ve gained over the years about Government Contracting. And I’ve taken that knowledge to not only succeed in business but to also succeed in life and to put things into place that will allow me to pass down generational wealth to my children and assets rather than liabilities.

So when I am working with other entrepreneurs and teaching them how they can land the number one biggest purchaser of business products and services in the world as their client, it’s not just about them gaining a big client, it’s teaching them how they too can create generational wealth and change their lives. So that’s what I do. That’s the impact that I have on others and that’s the Legacy that I’m creating in this world. It’s more to me than just a one-off experience. It’s a lifetime experience that I’m providing within that transformation that I provide for my customers.

What is the latest exciting news you’ve gotten in the past couple of weeks?

Karwanna D: The latest exciting news that I’ve gotten in the past couple of weeks is being able to receive an honorary doctorate degree as a small business government contractor. That puts me in a lane that is completely brand new and I get to decide how I want to Trail Blaze for others that will be following in my footsteps when it comes to how to serve others in this space.

I’ve always wanted to receive my doctorate degree in business, however, I had no clue that this journey that I’m on would lead to me receiving an honorary doctorate degree on a level that clearly speaks to how I’m changing the very trajectory of the lives of small business entrepreneurs so they never have to worry about lacking business opportunities again.

Any hidden gems you can reveal to us at this time?

Karwanna D: In my book Don’t Duck The Government, They’ve Got Your Money , which is all about How to Make Millions Pitching and Winning Government Contracts, I reveal a lot of gems about government contracting secrets for small businesses that includes where to go to get started, how to access the monies that are out there for you and how it really can change your life as an entrepreneur. So that’s definitely a source for hidden gems.

Outside of that, I want to say to anyone that may be reading this article and if you are in business, don’t give up. It’s so easy to find yourself, by yourself in business if you’re not plugged into a system or don’t have a strategy to really get ahead or to take your business and learn how to make it work for your best interest.

But I want to encourage and empower you that government contracting is something that anyone can do, regardless of what you think. And that the government literally buys everything.

You have to just keep an open mind on how to position your services or your products in order to sell to the government. But ultimately this is something that my team and I can help you with. We will help you learn how to position your business and your services so that you can have lucrative contracts that will take your business revenues into the future, now.

For our readers who are just getting to know you, what do you think is vital for them to know?

Karwanna D: For anyone that’s just getting to know me,  I would say it’s vital to know that I’m an ordinary person who grew up in struggle and I had a dream that I will overcome my circumstances so that I could empower and impact the world globally.

I’ve gone through some of the same struggles that many of you are facing now and I can show you exactly what I did in order to get to the other side, but you gotta be willing to do the work and to put in the work because nothing comes for free.

When I say free I don’t just mean monetary. I mean time. I mean doing whatever it takes. There’s going to be a cost to success, whether it’s time or money or sometimes both.

And regardless of the circumstance that you may be facing, if you’re trying to start a business or if you’re in business and you’re stuck, life happens and may even get in your way and all your dreams may have already become deferred.

Many of our dreams have been deferred at one point or the other so do know that there’s still hope. I’m not the person that was born into success. I had to work hard, change my mindset, personally invest in myself, and work on myself to get to where I am so that you can have it easier if you’re willing to allow me to help you. And it starts with me helping you get yourself pre-qualified for government contracts in my 5 Day Challenge.

What are you working on for the rest of the year?

Karwanna D: For the rest of the year, I’m really already planning for what’s to come next year. I’m planning out in-person events, and more virtual events. I’m planning to create meaningful partnerships that bring more value to my clients. And I’m thinking of ways that I can help the small business community further optimize with systems that are going to help them succeed faster in business as well as help them to continue creating wealth for generations to come.

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