CEO, Author, Speaker, and Philanthropist, Sharon DuMas

Sharon DuMas is the Founder and CEO of Full & Fabulous Global. Also, she is an author, speaker, and philanthropist.

“Full & Fabulous is a state of mind, not a dress size.” -Sharon DuMas

Positively impacting the lives of plus-sized young ladies has been a lifelong journey. Sharon’s unique formula of health, beauty and self-esteem has delivered spectacular results. Founded in 1982, the Full and Fabulous program has had ZERO teen pregnancies in its 40-year history.

Growing up as a plus-size girl was extremely stressful. Body shaming by loved ones and bullies was a frequent source of pain. Then Sharon found several ways to triumph over her trauma and stopped suffering in silence.

Searching for advocates and finding few, she made the decision to be the heroine that she was looking for. Slowly changes began to appear. Acceptance of insults was replaced by acceptance of affirmations. Cleansing her mind of decades of toxic taunts was her first step towards mental hygiene.

Visualization came next as she performed mirror therapy on herself. Enhancing body image is essential to building a confident young lady. Sharon looked in the mirror, liked what she saw, and gave herself permission to be pretty.

Skyrocketing self-esteem and confidence pushed Sharon to share her formula with the Detroit community. Coaching generations of vulnerable young black girls on how to flip guilt, frustration, and pain into pure joy. Thousands of mothers and daughters now stand in solidarity against a world of intolerance and thrive.

Sharon DuMas has been featured on nationwide television broadcasts, earned the distinction of being a W.K. Kellogg Foundation Expert-In-Residence, awarded Michigan’s Hometown Health Hero of the Year, given a Key to the City of Detroit, partnered with the NFL for Super Bowl XL community outreach and was the visionary behind naming a street in honor of the musical genius Stevie Wonder.

Contact Sharon via email at [email protected] or connect on Instagram @fullnfabulousintl

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