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These past 2 years have taught many one thing, and that is to pivot and to pivot quickly. People have learned staying stagnant, whether in business or in family, is detrimental. And to not have a growth mindset can be detrimental in many ways as well. But back on topic. To pivot in a business context is to completely change the way in which one does something (Oxford Languages). Understanding the need to shift and grow can catapult one years ahead. And that’s what happened is still happening for the incomparable Erma J. 


The last time we spoke with Ms. Erma, she spoke on the beauty of rising from the ashes. From there we learned how Revamp Networks was birthed and her new ventures which you can read here: Serial Womanpreneur Erma J Rises from the Ashes. Evidently, she didn’t stop there. With great shifts in life comes great decisions to move with it, or whatever the saying says. And Erma J shared the inside scoop on what great decisions had to be made to keep up or even be ahead of the shift. 


Check out the conversation below. 

Erma J, many know you as a speaker, a radio host, a coach, and an artist manager, and now you’ve dived into beauty, cosmetics, and personal care. That seems like a huge shift. Why the pivot?


Erma J It seems like a huge shift but, it’s not. It’s actually expansion. One thing that I always try to do in every venture I’m CALLED to, is to relay the message that the “individual” is beautiful. The soul is beautiful. The person is beautiful and RESPONSIBLE for their own happiness. I coach self-esteem. I coach the importance of self-care. I coach “total revamps” and make the necessary life changes that make YOU complete. Whether that’s taking a solo cruise or coming to get a little skin tightening and cellulite reduction with Erma J. It’s simply another avenue on my purpose journey. 


The company is called Revamp Body and Mind. I see that still flows in the vein of many ventures you have done. Can you share what all one can expect when they visit?


Erma J Through experience, I have learned that one can work on the outer person to perfection and still look in the mirror and despise what they see. It’s so much more than the body. Change starts in the mind. A changed mind. A made-up mind. A HEALTHY mind is lethal. When one books with me, they’re more than a “client”. They become part of a tribe IF THEY CHOOSE. We have support groups. Meet-ups, Sound-off sessions. Venting Vases. A whole plethora of outlets to keep a mind stress free, decluttered, and healthy. It’s complete self-care for the body AND mind. 


And for those who are looking to get that summer body now, what services would you suggest for the readers? And is there any upkeep to these services?


Erma J Every individual body is different so I would encourage anyone who’s interested to book a free consultation with me. Most of my clients want to reduce the waistline, eliminate cellulite, or get a more defined backside. Nonsurgical laser Lipo, Vacuum BBL Therapy, and Cavitation are my number one selling services. With any journey to a better you, it definitely takes maintenance and upkeep. Following your sculpting specialist’s instructions is key. This could be anything from drinking plenty of water to light exercise, to follow-up sessions. The results are beautiful and lasting as long as one does their part. 


Because you are a specialist in revamping lives by coaching and provoking thoughts, we’re curious to know how the mind correlates to cosmetics and beauty. And how do you integrate it into your business?


Erma J It’s ALL about the mind because it starts in the mind. When someone books with me, they have made up their “mind” that they want to change. They have identified something that they do not like about themselves physically and they want to change it. The body, mind, and soul all tie together to create the WHOLE BEING. Often, people come to lay on my table for body tightening and leave with mental strengthening. That’s the purpose. That’s the goal. 


For those who want to keep in touch and learn more about what you offer, how can they do so?


Erma J Instagram: Revampbody_andmind




As we enter the year ahead, be sure to prioritize your body AND mind so that you can be strong and have the capacity for greater!

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