DeBlair Tate Takes on Wellness in a Counter Culture Type of Way

Let’s talk about resolutions that don’t ever work! We’ve all been there. We’ve created a resolution and within a month it’s completely over. Maybe it’s because we have not considered the person to become to obtain the vision. Maybe we haven’t even considered implementing actionable steps to get there (like the S.M.A.R.T. method). Maybe we’re trying to overload ourselves. Or maybe we’re trying to buy into a vision that was never meant for us. Whatever the case may be, make a solid decision to do what is best for you in this year. 


Many have deemed 2023 as a Jordan year. And that’s cool. But consider this one truth, you can win at the wrong thing. You can win at being someone else completely opposite of you (not the evolved version of you but someone completely opposite). You can win at hustling and negating self-care. But is that something you truly desire for this new year? Wellness is the way to win and it isn’t exclusive to supplements and facials (though that helps). But understanding who you are, what you carry, what you desire, and much more are the gap fillers for self-care, and self-wellness. 


I had the privilege of speaking with former celebrity fitness trainer, competitive fitness model, Air Force training instructor, and owner of the 8Figured Brand, DeBlair Tate to learn more about what it takes to truly show up as oneself in this new year. She gave insight into her life, her new book, and more. 


Check out the interview below. 

DeBlair Tate, you are an advocate for people showing up as themselves and accepting themselves. Did you always have this mindset to just be you or did it come after realizing that purpose only gets fulfilled when you accept who you are? 


DeBlaire Tate This is an excellent question. This developed over time. Just like many others, it takes time and experience to really get a gauge of who you really are. As much as we hate to admit it, we constantly search for our identity. For me, I thought I knew who I was and accepted myself as is until I took time to really self-reflect. This was when the mindset shift occurred; it had to. As I aged, accepting everything about who I am and wanting to find my purpose became the priority. Once it was established, I engineered myself and vowed to be a better person every day, taking time to develop and grow internally. I didn’t want to be anyone else but a better version of myself. 


How important is it for you to exhort others to accept themselves? In other words, why is it your desire to do so? I get why it matters to you personally, but for another, why are you invested?


DeBlaire Tate Over the years as a military instructor, trainer, and coach, I’ve witnessed first-hand what it looks like for people to lack self-love or confidence.  I’ve encountered many on the brink of suicide, some successful because they didn’t feel worthy or valued. It’s an icy world when you feel alone, and many find it hard to advocate for themselves or have that “resiliency” during these dark times.  In this world of social media, everything is glamourized, making it harder to love yourself- flaws and all.  


Because of this, I aim to give others a platform to stand on the grounds of being authentically you and making it feel safe to do so and showing them that they are not alone and that there is a community that loves and accepts them as you are. The mindset is a critical factor contributing to this success, and it may take time to erase some of the past trauma, but it has to start somewhere. That is why I am so invested- lives depend on it. 


Hustle culture is big! I hate it. I don’t think it’s beneficial. And you are one who teaches to counter the hustle culture. What does that look like for someone who is used to always working, always hustling? 


DeBlaire Tate I love your questions. This is a simple response. When you know better or are forced to learn, you do better.  


I quickly learned how “always working” and neglecting self-care could cost you. It took me facing my own health issues to realize that I was working backward and not smart. I lost a lot during this time- healthy relationships, family time, and proper rest, to name a few. I had to get to a point where I had more control over my life and wasn’t chasing a dollar. Realizing this was a game-changer and is still an ongoing practice. I had to start setting clear-cut boundaries and making significant changes in my life.  My self-care is now non-negotiable.

Your answers are truly helping. Being counter-culture is your thing, and I believe that in order to do that you have to be resilient. So much so, that you wrote a book regarding resiliency, Resilient as F*CK: How to Fight for What You Deserve. Can you share with us what this book stands for and what it will unlock in every reader?


DeBlaire Tate Absolutely.  Resilient as F*ck stands for showing others that your past and where you came from do not define who you are or where you are going. We all have experiences that have shaped who we are today. It’s easier to move through life without asking why we think or behave in specific ways. You’d be amazed at how much happiness is on the other side of healing and addressing your problems head-on – whether spiritual, physical, mental, financial, or otherwise. 


Expect hard days. Accept that you will face struggles and have to smile on the days you don’t feel like it. Preparing for these inevitable moments of disappointment will help you bounce back and recognize the purpose of your struggle. Then, you have to decide if you’ll come out of the situation better or stay there forever.


RAF Live will give you the tools to guide you from where you are to where you want to go with your goals and visions, only looking back to learn and foster gratitude. Resilient AF will teach you how to stay on a path to success, even after adversity.


In what ways can fighting for what one deserves look like? And how did it look for you?


DeBlaire Tate I hope that people who are fighting battles, both mentally and physically, find inspiration in knowing that they don’t have to fight alone and can conquer whatever presents itself as an obstacle. Everyone deserves happiness and love, whatever that looks like to them.


For me, growing up in a small town, especially in Mississippi – you’re often overlooked. You have to work so much harder and smarter to break those barriers and claim the success you deserve. Yet, despite it all, you still have your own internal obstacles to overcome- those personal ones that only you are battling-we all have them. You can look at a person and think they have it all together, but no one ever really knows the struggles. We all have our internal fights- whether our health or our day-to-day battles- we still have to stay strong and remember our purpose for doing what we do.


For those who want to purchase your book and stay connected, how can they do so?


DeBlaire Tate Yes. I am on Instagram as @iamdeblair and @8figuredbrand. You can also purchase my book from my website, or


I just released the pre-order for my newest book, a guided journal titled, Level Up: 365 Days to Empowered Living. You can find the link to purchase this one on my Instagram. 


Other ways to connect are via LinkedIn: DeBlair Tate or FB: Blair ChooseHealthy.

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In 2023, remember to show up authentically you. Show up as the prioritized you!

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