Celebrating Black Media Rising Stars: Creator of The Your Purpose and Business TV Show, Racquel Walters

Happy Black History Month! At Our Black Woman Magazine, we’re celebrating our fellow Black Women in Media who are rising and shining, inspiring, and making an impact. Today we are highlighting Racquel Walters.

Racquel Walters is a multi-passionate individual who wears many hats. She is a Millennial Income Strategist for Career Professionals helping them to turn their skillsets into income streams. She is the Founder and Creator of The Your Purpose and Business TV Show that currently broadcasts on MY TV-Connecticut, Podcaster, of the Your Purpose and Business Podcast as well as a 2 X Bestselling Author and Clinical Social Worker at heart. In her spare time, Racquel enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, enjoys traveling, and being out in nature.

Congratulations on the launch of Your Purpose and Business TV. How has it been going so far?

Racquel: Thank you!! It has been a major blessing and a thrill that’s full of energy and excitement since the launch of The Your Purpose and Business TV Show on MY TV-Connecticut! The reception and feedback from our guests and from our audience have been so great and they are loving the information and value that these women, men in business, and entrepreneurs are sharing!

What are the similarities and differences between Your Purpose and Business TV and Your Purpose and Business Podcast?

Racquel: Great question! The similarities are that Your Purpose and Business TV Show is an extension of the Your Purpose and Business Podcast in that the core purpose is to share how everyday men and women in business and career professionals are following their purpose and sharing their gifts with the world through showcasing their products and/or services. Both the TV Show and podcast also highlight the challenges, barriers, and resilience business owners and career professionals face in navigating life, career, and business.

The only difference the TV show has from the podcast is that you can listen to the podcast where you stream podcasts and the TV show you watch on TV which gives our guests the opportunity to tap into new audiences and markets. The TV show provides additional leverage, credibility, and brand awareness that skyrockets sales and provides more opportunities for the guests! It’s definitely a win-win to be on both mediums to boost brand exposure and visibility!

Are you currently seeking guests? If so, what is the process of booking to be a guest on the TV Show?

Racquel: Yes, I am currently seeking guests for the show who will come on and share about what they do; how they help solve a problem, and how clients and customers can connect with, do business with, and/or collaborate with them. To be considered to be a guest on the show, anyone who has a brand or a business can go to www.yourpurposeandbusiness.com to learn more and also schedule call a consultation call with my team.

Our past guest has different business backgrounds from Accountants to Tech to Fashion Designers and Stylist to Financial Experts and in between. We cater to every market and business industry from Real Estate, to Authors, Consultants, Wellness Experts, etc. Anyone who has a business that is selling a service and/or product.

Are you currently seeking additional talk show hosts? If so, what is the process?

Racquel: Yes! If you are curious about becoming a guest co-host for the Your Purpose and Business TV Show, please send our team an email with your resume and why you believe your brand is a good fit at info@yourpurposeandbusiness.com and in the subject line add: Guest Co-Host Applicant. We will then follow up with you.

We are constantly seeking out new guests to collaborate with and also to be on the Your Purpose and Business TV Show and the Podcast. If you are a brand, entrepreneur, business owner, and /or influencer and are curious on learning more about how you can partner with us, please reach out to us by sending us an email at info@yourpurposeandbusiness.com using the subject line: Be on TV

In addition, we are also seeking out business owners who are a good fit to enroll in our Affiliate Partnership Program for The Your Purpose and Business Brand.

If interested, please also send us an email at info@yourpurposeandbusiness.com using the subject line: Affiliate Partnership Information and we will follow up with you to discuss.

What else would you like our readers to know about you and the work that you do?

Racquel: I think it would be important for the readers to know about my background.

Many people do not realize I have a Bachelor’s Degree/ minor in Media, Communications, and Technology with a major in Psychology. I also have a Master’s Degree in Social Work with years of clinical experience in diverse settings. I am a Clinical Social Worker at heart and this fuels my ongoing purpose, my actions, and how I am able to be of service to others in various industries and markets. I live and breathe the mantra that a person should not shy away from their multi-passions. It’s what makes us great! We are able to change and adapt accordingly. In addition, I am a Millennial Income Strategist and 2 X Bestselling Author who is helping Career Professionals to turn their knowledge into income streams. With the Your Purpose and Business TV show, my goal is to level the playing field for small and medium-sized businesses to gain media opportunities and visibility to share their stories without the hassle of pitching to other TV shows with little to no results.

What impact do you want to make in the media industry?

Racquel: As mentioned, I hope the impact the Your Purpose and Business TV Show will create is to level the playing field and provide hidden talents and businesses a platform to share their story, products, and services. We all need to support small and medium-sized businesses and assist in opening doors to help these businesses elevate to the next level!

What is a piece of advice you would have for aspiring journalists?

Racquel: My advice would be that if you have an interest in a particular industry with a passion to story tell and share others’ stories, experiences and challenges through whatever medium; TV, Magazine, Podcast, Radio, etc.; just start. Do not worry about perfection and if you have the right tools, technology, or education. Believe in yourself, and your vision and take action to develop your journalist skills through investing in education to improve your craft along your journey. Start and you’ll figure out the next steps to continue to grow and continue to learn from others who have paved the way for us!

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