Celebrating Black Women In Business: Credit Repair Expert, Loren “Lo” Leon

Happy Black History Month! We are honored to highlight Loren “Lo” Leon. She is a business mogul and is a prime example that you can go after your goals while helping others along the way. She is a powerhouse in the credit repair industry and is a role model to women who aspire to run multimillion-dollar businesses.

Growing her credit and her businesses have allowed Loren to elevate from rags to riches. During the duration of the COVID pandemic, Loren decided to utilize her credit knowledge and in the initial six months, she became a six-figured business.

Building her business from the ground up is proof that she embodies the definition of a success story. We look forward to continuing to see TheCreditAssist.com flourish.

Happy Black History Month! We are so thrilled to highlight you as a Black Woman Business Owner. What does it mean to you to be a black woman in business?

Loren: It means no more being the black sheep of the family, it means breaking generational curses, it means building a legacy, and being the best of the best.

What services and/or resources do you provide clients/consumers?

Loren: I help entrepreneurs fix, build and leverage their credit to create passive income.

How was business for you during the first month of the year?

Loren: It’s always busy, thank God everyone needs to get their credit fixed!

What are your plans for the rest of this first quarter?

Loren: I hope to buy a multi-unit and introduce credit programs into high schools.

Why is it important for women of color to own their own businesses during our current climate? 

Loren: The most mistreated individual in the USA is a woman. We get paid less and deal with bs. I hope to see a woman as president because it’s important that women breathe life into anything and everything they do. We are mothers, wives, and sisters. It’s important to show that a woman’s job is not just in the kitchen.

What do you hope for aspiring black women entrepreneurs?

Loren: Equality in everything.


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