Interview With Founder/CEO of Deals With B.O.B (Black Owned Businesses), Sonya Weaver

Sonya Weaver is the Founder/CEO of Deals With B.O.B (Black Owned Businesses), LLC. Deals With B.O.B was created to help Black Owned Businesses grow by connecting them to more consumers. The three fundamental principles of Deals With B.O.B are to Create Awareness, Encourage Support of Black Owned Businesses and Promote Restoration of our communities. The Mission of Deals With B.O.B is to increase the circulation of the Black Dollar within the Black Communities by leveraging our Buying Power. The Vision is to create economically self-supporting communities within metropolitan cities and the surrounding areas, for current and future generations.

Sonya’s Deals With B.O.B website is a centralized location to connect consumers to reputable black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. Consumers join a community of like-minded individuals that are committed to supporting B.O.B. Likewise, business owners and entrepreneurs are part of a site that provides unique branding and increased visibility. In addition to the website directory listings, Deals With B.O.B offers Premium Services that help businesses and entrepreneurs become successful. Sonya desires to help businesses thrive and reach phenomenal levels that they never dreamed were possible. In addition to launching Deals With B.O.B, Sonya serves in a leadership role at a private laboratory.

Sonya is a Six Sigma Certified Green Belt, Compliance Certified, Hazmat Certified, Acer Trained, a Lean Specialist, a Trainer of Customer Gold Standards and Everyday Excellence, and is a founding member of the African-American Business Leaders employee business network. Sonya has over 20 years of experience teaching and coaching her staff to work with an entrepreneur mindset, where they manage their sites as if the sites were their own private businesses. This strategy has afforded Sonya and her team to routinely meet and/or exceed the company metrics. Sonya practices the principles of being a servant leader and believes in asking the question, “What can I do to help you meet your needs?” When you have the spirit of helping others succeed, you too will be successful. In 2019 Sonya co-launched Lynked, LLC.

We obtained an exclusive interview with Sonya.

Please tell us about your company, as well as the services you provide that help men and women of color.

Sonya: My first company is Deals With B.O.B, LLC. B.O.B is an acronym for Black Owned Businesses. We have an international black-owned business directory that creates visibility of black-owned businesses and encourages support of their business.

We offer Business Basics, Retail Readiness, Social Media Marketing, and Client Relations Training. We also do business-to-business connections which allows business owners to connect with each other for their needs while supporting one another businesses.

My second company is Lynked LLC and we focus on creating memorable experiences one bead at a time. It helps in a variety of ways from celebrations to business launches. Most importantly it reminds people to be intentional when it comes to spending time with those that matter, and create lasting memories.

How did you get involved with the That Girl community and what do you enjoy most about it? 

Sonya: I met Natasha Lee through a mutual business owner. While at that first meeting, we didn’t get an opportunity to talk long it was all the subsequent encounters that naturally led to us getting to know one another. Once I was told about That Girl and the meaning behind why it was started, I knew it was something special. Not only was it a dedication to her mother’s life and the many lessons she gave, but it was also a celebration of women and a reminder for them to remember just how great they are. When no one else recognizes you make sure you recognize and remember that you are “That Girl”….

I enjoy most how women come together, especially those of color and break the stereotype that women are unable to work together. It is a beautiful thing to watch women of color come together for a like-minded cause and make it happen.

What projects are you currently working on or are in the works? 

Sonya: For Deals With B.O.B, we have the YouTube Live Podcast “Get To Know B.O.B” it is a weekly program that introduces the community to amazing black business owners. They find out more about the business owner, what they do, and why they do what they do. We are collaborating with non profits for our summer camp “Our Youth REBUILD” where we teach youth ages 12–16 business strategies and how to become business owners/entrepreneurs.

We are planning the launch of “Unity Through Visibility”. For Lynked we are planning Women’s Month Lynked events, our Corporate Teambuilding events, BOSS B.A.B.E events, and more, and searching for a storefront brick and mortar location.

What are you most passionate about?

Sonya: Unity in our communities. Leveraging our buying power by increasing the circulation of the black dollar within black communities. Promoting the restoration of our communities. Encouraging and educating our communities on how great we are as a people and reminding them of the power we have when we work together and remain focused. Educating our community on financial literacy and working to fill in the gaps where needed.

What else would you like our readers to know about you and the work that you do? 

Sonya: I love what I do. I have been given an assignment for the short time I am here on Earth and I would like my efforts to leave a lasting impact that will make a change not just for me and my family but for future generations to come.

What impact do you want to make in the world throughout your career? 

Sonya: I want people of color to realize how powerful they are when they unite. They do not have to chase after what the world tries to say is important because ultimately it will prevent them from experiencing the joy of the world. I would want to impact people to where they think about people more than they think about themselves.

What has your journey been like being a black entrepreneur? 

Sonya: I have actually loved it thus far. As I am beginning to transition my business to be my primary source of income I am having new emotions regarding my business, but ultimately I am excited because I will have an opportunity to make daily impacts in the lives of others, and that brings a joy that is indescribable. I feel like I am on a mission for the most high.

Happy Black History Month! What does this time mean for you and how do you celebrate it? 

Sonya: Every day for me is Black History. However, I realize it is a collective time where we focus on the contributions of the black race. I personally appreciate when we focus and learn more about black culture and the contributions beyond the civil rights movement. I celebrate it in different ways each year. Some have been very public like making social media posts and some have been more private like hosting events and celebrating local living history makers. Ultimately I enjoy celebrating all things black.

How can we follow you on social media? 

Sonya: My personal page is Sonya Weaver on Facebook and Linkedin. My business page is Deals with Bob on Facebook and Instagram. The website is For Lynked my Facebook and Instagram are rulynked and the website is

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