Leader, Coach, and Entrepreneur, Coach Ayesha Discusses Helping Families Get Resources in Their Community

As we celebrating International Black Women’s History Month during the month of April, it is our distinct pleasure to introduce our readers to Ayesha Watson best known as Coach Ayesha and often referred as the “Resource Queen” of her community.

Coach Ayesha started 5678dancenow.inc primarily to assist the youth and families in her community to get through difficult times in their lives. Her coaching dives into areas of mental, physical health and education.

The non-profit organization has been established for over 20 years and has two core programs. First is their Arts Program, where individuals get to develop dance skills and self-discipline through the art form. The Arts Program has been featured on the Lifetime Channel, where the organization’s dancers got to showcase their talents to a broad audience. Not only does the program encourage a worthwhile activity for the youth, but it aims to mold them into hardworking individuals to prepare them for the future.

The second branch of the organization is the Exploring Your Purpose Program, which focuses on providing education and job opportunities for low-income families. The program is state and federally funded, allowing Ayesha and her team to reach as many people as possible. She has helped families to sustain and improve living conditions by providing practical skills needed to live their daily lives. Ayesha also initiated a particular focus on assisting veterans and created Career and education-focused curriculums across the state of Georgia for youth, teens, young adults, and senior citizens. She and her team assist the community to get jobs, secure their social security, obtain housing, therapy, case management, and many other things they need to transition back and live well in their communities.

Coach Ayesha is a recipient of the NAACP Community Service award, recipient of the Rotary Club award for Youth Education March 2023, Nominated to be a business highlight for NCNW- National Council for Negro Women April 2023 to name a few awards.

Please enjoy our interview!

As a pillar of your beloved community, you are known for being the “Resource Queen”. Please share with us some of the resources you currently provide at this time.

Coach Ayesha: Services offered include but are not limited to Therapy, Case Management, Housing, Ticket to Work, Career/ Education Services, Medicaid Providers, Supported Employment, Supported Employment Services, Parent to Parent Services, Assessments, Drug Testing, and Wrap Around Services.

We’re rooting for you as you are currently nominated to be a business highlight for NCNW- National Council for Negro Women in April of 2023. What was your reaction when you first heard about the nomination?

Coach Ayesha:  When I found out my business was nominated by the NCNW, I was beyond thrilled. The fact that such an “Elite” organization was looking to highlight me and my organization. This was very cultivating.

We understand that you are the youngest African-American woman to run a mental and behavioral health program from Decatur, Georgia. What tips would you have for anyone who is currently experiencing struggles with their mental health?

Coach Ayesha: If there is anyone struggling with any signs of Mental Health barriers, seek professional help. Always try to start with talking to a family member, close friend, etc that can help support you and walk you through the process to get you the help you need.

As a coach, you dive into areas of mental, and physical health and education. How do you keep motivated to continue this career and how do you balance your mental health while navigating your professional world?

Coach Ayesha:  I stayed motivated through my family and to continue to serve the people in need. It is my purpose.

What does the rest of the year look like for you?

Coach Ayesha:  The rest of the year consists of great things such as starting on new Federal Human Services contracts, committing to more community service, and planning more state-wide positive initiatives throughout the State of Georgia.

What do you want your legacy to look like?

Coach Ayesha: I want my legacy to gain from the skills and businesses I built, to build on top of that, while continuing to grow individually. The goal is to create wealth within my current family generation.


Be sure to check out Coach Ayesha’s latest article from Women’s History Month in March via We Empower Magazine here: https://theweempower.com/2023/03/celebrating-inspirational-women-interview-with-coach-ayesha-ceo-of-exploring-your-purpose-program/

Learn about all things 5678dancenow.inc/(EYP) Exploring Your Purpose Program and its CEO Ayesha Watson by visiting www.exploringyourpurpose.com and www.5678dancenow.com

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