Portia Jones, Owner of Just The 2 Of Us Financial Aspires to Change The Trajectory of Your Financial Structure For The Better

According to The Harvard Gazette, the wealth gap between Black and white Americans has been persistent and extreme.  The pandemic and its economic fallout had a disproportionate toll on people of color, and many expect that it will widen the gap in various areas, including wealth. The work of Portia Jones also known as Doctor Financial has become so important, especially within communities of color who aspire to obtain generational wealth and financial freedom.

Money expert, Portia Jones is the owner of Just The 2 Of Us Financial. Portia has tapped into the industries of financial literacy, taxes, brokerage, real estate, and credit to name a few services that she offers her clients.

Portia’s expertise, personal experiences, and knowledge have made her the go-to mentor in Atlanta and beyond for those who are seeking business funding, credit repair, tax guidance, and overall finance knowledge that leads to generational wealth.

Portia aspires to change lives and make an impact in the lives of those she works with and change the trajectory of their financial structure for the better.

How did the name Doctor Financial come about?

Portia: I got my name from the beginning known as the Tax Goat to Dr. FINANCIAL because I work all year round with all sorts of financial situations.

If someone were to ask you who is Portia Jones, what would your reply be?

Portia: Portia Jones is loyal, humble, and a proud mother of 4 beautiful children. 3 older boys and a newborn gorgeous little girl. Also a  heartfelt wife.

What have been some of the most memorable moments in your career so far?

Portia: Reaching my 1st million dollars in 4 months from prep fees, and also becoming a Tax service bureau.

What have you not achieved yet in your career that you aspire to conquer one day?

Portia: My ultimate goal is to touch the President’s books.

What advice would you have for aspiring business owners?

Portia: For all entrepreneurs out there: KEEP GOING DONT STOP, you may stumble, your business may fail 1 to 2 even several times. Don’t stop the grind whatever made you even think about becoming a business owner make that be your continuous motivation.

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