STEM Powerhouse and Advocate Tiffani Teachey Shares Her Latest Discoveries

Meet Tiffani Teachey, a Sr. Mechanical Engineer, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) advocate, TEDx international speaker, and international best-selling author of the children’s book “What Can I Be? STEM Careers from A to Z,” the STEM Crew Kids Adventures series, and three empowerment books. She is the host of the Read It Right Radio Show on WDRBmedia. Tiffani is also the owner/publishing consultant of Inspired Authors Publishing. She helps industry and business leaders publish children’s books about their field to inspire children to choose the same path.

Hi Tiffani, it’s an honor to chat with you today. You’re best known for your passion and commitment to inspiring the next generation to engage in STEM careers. What have been some of your latest discoveries that continue to keep you motivated in this effort?

Tiffani: In my efforts to keep the motivation alive, I have made some exciting discoveries. Firstly, I have been amazed by the incredible innovations and advancements in various STEM fields. Every day, scientists, engineers, and researchers push the boundaries of what is possible, whether in space exploration, renewable energy, medical technology, or artificial intelligence. These breakthroughs remind me of the endless possibilities and potential for growth in STEM careers.

Secondly, I have witnessed young students’ enthusiasm and curiosity for STEM subjects. Their eagerness to learn and explore the world through a scientific lens is truly inspiring. It reinforces the importance of my work in providing them with the necessary resources, guidance, and opportunities to pursue their interests in STEM.

Additionally, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with other passionate individuals and organizations dedicated to promoting STEM education and diversity in the field. Through these collaborations, I have seen the power of collective efforts to create meaningful change and increase representation in STEM.

Lastly, the impact of my work continues to motivate me. Seeing the positive response from children and parents to my books, such as “What Can I Be? STEM Careers from A to Z” and the newly released “The STEM Crew Kids Adventures” series, and witnessing the excitement and empowerment it brings to young readers, reaffirms that I am making a difference in inspiring the next generation.

These discoveries and experiences fuel my motivation to continue advocating for STEM careers. By sharing stories, providing resources, and fostering a supportive environment, I aim to inspire more young minds to pursue their passion for STEM and contribute to a better future.

We’re excited to learn about the free STEM gift — the 10 STEM Scholarships and Organizations e-book. What can you share with us about this?

Tiffani: I’m glad you’re excited about the free STEM gift, the “10 STEM Scholarships & Organizations” e-book. This e-book is designed to provide valuable information about various scholarships and organizations focused on STEM fields. It aims to help students, particularly those interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, explore opportunities for financial support and engagement in STEM-related activities.

The e-book includes a carefully curated list of 10 scholarships and organizations that cater to different demographics and interests within the STEM community. It features STEM organizations specifically aimed at supporting girls and women; organizations focused on promoting diversity and inclusion in STEM for people of color, and organizations with an engineering focus. Additionally, it provides information about general STEM organizations and scholarships.

By offering this e-book, I aim to provide a valuable resource for parents, educators, and students to discover opportunities they may not have been aware of before. These scholarships and organizations can serve as platforms for students to access funding, mentorship, networking opportunities, and support systems to ignite their passion for STEM further and help them thrive in their chosen fields.

By empowering students with knowledge about these scholarships and organizations, we can contribute to creating a more diverse and inclusive STEM community that benefits from the talents and perspectives of individuals from all backgrounds.

To access the free “10 STEM Scholarships & Organizations” e-book, visit This resource is valuable for assisting students in pursuing STEM education and careers.

Being a TEDx international speaker is an accomplishment that many dream about. How was this experience for you and what topics did you touch on?

Tiffani: Becoming a TEDx international speaker was truly an incredible experience for me. It was an opportunity to share my passion for STEM and the importance of early exposure to these fields with a global audience. My TEDx talk took place in Johannesburg, South Africa, in collaboration with the University of South Africa and the Black Authors Matter Tour.

During my talk, I highlighted the projected 3.5 million unfilled STEM jobs in the near future and emphasized the significance of introducing children to STEM at an early age. I discussed the need to inspire and engage young minds in STEM education and careers, as they hold the key to addressing the challenges and driving innovation in our rapidly advancing world.

The TEDx experience itself was both exhilarating and an honor. It provided a platform to share my message with a diverse audience of individuals passionate about making a difference. The opportunity to connect with like-minded people, exchange ideas, and inspire others was fulfilling.

In addition to the TEDx event, I had the privilege of visiting three African countries within three months: Ghana, South Africa, and Botswana. This journey allowed me to interact with local communities, speak to children, and share my book, “What Can I Be? STEM Careers from A to Z.” It was a life-changing experience to witness the enthusiasm and curiosity of these young individuals and to have the opportunity to empower them through my words and actions.

The TEDx international speaker experience was a remarkable chapter in my life. It allowed me to amplify my message globally and connect with individuals equally passionate about inspiring the next generation in STEM. I am grateful for the opportunity and its impact on furthering my mission of promoting STEM education and careers worldwide.

We salute your highly inspirational work as the international best-selling author of the children’s book “What Can I Be? STEM Careers from A to Z,” the STEM Crew Kids Adventures series, and three empowerment books. Can we expect more books from you soon?

Tiffani: Thank you for your kind words and support. I’m delighted to share that more books will be coming soon. One of my recent releases is the first book in the STEM Crew Kids Adventures series, titled “The STEM Crew Kids Adventures: Building a Balloon-Powered Car.”

This book is part of a series that follows four STEM Crew Kids who receive an engineering project from their science teacher. Readers can join the STEM Crew Kids as they collaborate, solve problems, and use their creativity to build a balloon-powered car in “Building a Balloon-Powered Car.” The story highlights the importance of teamwork and showcases the passion of one of the STEM Crew Kids, Ruth, for building and fixing gadgets. It also emphasizes her aunt’s role, as a mechanical engineer, in nurturing Ruth’s interest in engineering. The series aims to engage children aged 5–8 in STEM fields while demonstrating the fun and rewarding aspects of working on STEM projects. Therefore, the next children’s book in the STEM Crew Kids Adventures series will include the STEM Crew Kids building a rocket ship.

In addition to the STEM Crew Kids Adventures series, I have exciting plans for my book, “What Can I Be? STEM Careers from A to Z.” Currently available in English, Spanish, French, and Swahili, I am working on translating it into Italian. This summer, Script of Virtue Collections will host the Annual Authors Retreat in Italy, where I will be one of the featured speakers. This Italian edition will supplement the translated versions.

I’m thrilled to continue expanding the reach of my books and inspiring children worldwide to explore STEM fields and pursue their passions. The upcoming releases and translations are a testament to my commitment to providing diverse and inclusive resources that empower young readers.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to sharing these new books with you and many others in the near future.

As the owner and publishing consultant of Inspired Authors Publishing. What advice would you have for aspiring authors who wish to work with you?

Tiffani: For aspiring authors looking to work with Inspired Authors Publishing, here is some advice: Clarify your goals and target audience, do your research, polish your manuscript, create a compelling book proposal highlighting its inspiring potential, submit your work following the provided guidelines, be patient and open to feedback, maintain professionalism and clear communication, and continue honing your craft throughout the publishing journey.

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Tiffani Teachey holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Engineering Management, both from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She is a Leadership Studies Ph.D. student at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

For more about Tiffani, visit her website at Check out the free STEM gift — 10 STEM Scholarships & Organizations e-book at Free publishing ebook at

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