OurBlk Woman was created with you in mind! A multi-media platform that celebrates women of color and their cultural essence. OurBlk Woman has featured countless women on our digital media platform and podcast. In 2024, OurBlk Woman is launching its quarterly print platform.

OurBlk Woman depicts a fearless and strong woman of color. It was created to celebrate, connect, empower and impact people of color through media, transparency, experiences and opportunities. OurBlk Woman is the essence of recognizing and celebrating women of color. Before we can go external to communities we serve, it starts with what we do inside of our culture. OurBlk Woman has been very intentional about how we identify with each other.

There are a number of qualities you will recognize in empowered women:

They develop their own leadership style. Being an empowered woman does not mean repeating traditionally male leadership patterns, but rather that these professionals are able to find their own way to inspire and motivate others.

They know how to communicate. Within the leadership skills of female empowerment, communication, negotiation and persuasion stand out. The empowered woman is capable of transmitting her message and making herself understood.

They are influential. The empowered woman influences her environment. Not only does she have the professional skills to design her own path, but she also has the necessary attitude to pass her empowerment along at all levels and become a reference.

They are committed to innovation. To achieve this support, empowered women assume the responsibility of creating change, of leaving the traditional role that society has assigned them and exploring innovative paths, both in their way of acting and in their work projects.

They promote female empowerment. Being aware of the circumstances and obstacles that many working women face, empowered women do not seek to compete or compare themselves with others, but instead fight to eliminate those barriers and invite other professionals to follow in their wake. We want to feature you because we see how much you align with the above.

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