Industry leader Adria Marshall redefines beauty standards and fosters inclusivity through high quality products and Ecobator initiative.

Adria Marshall Redefines Beauty Industry with Black & Woman Owned Brand, Ecoslay

Have we collectively agreed that February is now not just a time to celebrate Black History but also the Black Excellence that takes place every day among the living? There is so much to celebrate, from being a mother, to black love, to launching businesses, to book releases, and more. And have we collectively agreed to celebrate all year long? Because it’s needed. 
One rising start of black excellence is Adria Marshall. She was ingenious enough to create the eco friendly brand, Ecoslay. It’s where beauty, sustainability, and empowerment meets to transform the hair care industry for the better. Now Hair Care Market is a billion dollar industry which means thousands on thousands of products are launched each year. And each one is specifically engineered and targeted differently. But after speaking with the brilliant mind behind the masterpiece, it is evident why Ecoslay and the other endeavors are on its way to supreme. 
The Black owned and woman – owned enterprise enterprise sources its ingredients from a local Black owned farm in Georgia. It ensures the highest quality of its products and contributes to the local community’s economic empowerment. Adria Marhall’s leadership is redefining the beauty industry’s standards. 
Check out the conversation below. 
Adria Marshall. Thank you for taking the time out to share with us your baby, your brand that is transforming the way we do beauty. You’re the face behind Ecoslay but many people do not know who you are, so can you give us a quick (take as long as you want) pill of who you are and what set you apart from the average business woman?
Thank you for the opportunity to share more about myself. I’m Adria Marshall, the founder and CEO of Ecoslay, but beyond that, I’m a wife and mother of three amazing girls. Being a mother is one of the most fulfilling roles in my life, and I strive to be an example for my daughters, showing them that they can achieve any dream within their reach.
My eldest daughter is an entrepreneur herself and a talented graphic designer. It’s incredibly rewarding to collaborate with her as one of her clients, and it’s a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit that runs in our family.
Outside of work and family, I have a few passions that keep me grounded and inspired. I’m an avid chess player, finding both challenge and relaxation in strategic gameplay. Gardening is another passion of mine; there’s something incredibly therapeutic about nurturing plants and watching them flourish.
Additionally, I incorporate spirituality and meditation into my daily practices. It’s essential for me to take time for self-reflection and inner peace, especially in the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship. These practices keep me balanced and inform the values and principles that guide me in my personal and professional life.
When you were a little girl and dreaming about the future, did you say “I’m going to do haircare”? Or how did it look for you?
When I was a little girl dreaming about the future, “haircare” wasn’t exactly on my radar. Initially, I aspired to be a journalist, drawn to the idea of storytelling and communication. Later, I set my sights on becoming a doctor, inspired by a desire to help others and positively impact their lives.
However, life has a way of surprising us, and my journey took an unexpected turn during my college years. After struggling with Organic Chemistry and nearly failing, a random encounter changed everything. I assisted a friend with a Computer Science problem he’d been struggling with, and something clicked. It was a lightbulb moment that led me to change my major and ultimately embark on a 20-year career in the IT industry.
Haircare entered the picture much later in my journey. It was born out of personal necessity as I struggled to find effective products for my curly hair. This struggle ignited a passion for creating natural, sustainable solutions that worked for me and others facing similar challenges. So, while haircare wasn’t part of my childhood dreams, it has become a fulfilling and unexpected path that allows me to blend my love for innovation, sustainability, and making a positive impact on people’s lives.
So why Ecoslay, which is an awesome name, by the way? And when did you know it was time?
Choosing Ecoslay was a pivotal moment that unfolded quite unexpectedly. While I casually began experimenting with formulations in my kitchen to address my own curly hair struggles, it wasn’t until one of my formulations, Orange Marmalade, went viral after sending a test bottle to a friend in the curly hair community that I realized it was more than just a kitchen experiment. Suddenly, I found myself juggling Ecoslay alongside my Project Management IT career, holding on for dear life.
For about eight months, I balanced both worlds, but as Ecoslay’s popularity soared and demand grew, it became increasingly clear that I needed to make a choice. It wasn’t so much a decision I made as it was a natural evolution of circumstances. Eventually, I took the leap and cut ties with the IT industry to devote myself entirely to Ecoslay. This transition began a new chapter—an exciting journey of entrepreneurship, passion, and purpose.
Many people say their brands are eco-friendly. You see it everywhere, plastered on everything. It’s like a buzzword now, but what makes Ecoslay different?
What sets Ecoslay apart in the realm of eco-friendly brands is our holistic approach to sustainability, encapsulated by initiatives like our “Farm to Pouch” program. This initiative underscores our commitment to transparency and environmental stewardship by sourcing ingredients directly from partners like Truly Living Well, a local farm dedicated to sustainable agriculture.
Moreover, we’re not just reducing our carbon footprint but actively striving to shrink it. Our goal to grow 50% of growable ingredients reflects our dedication to reducing reliance on external sources and fostering a more self-sustaining ecosystem. This commitment isn’t just about meeting market demands; it’s about nurturing the planet that sustains us.
Over two years ago, we ditched our plastic bottles in favor of more sustainable pouches and refillable mason jars – we did this before sustainability was a trend. When we learned that our local recycling facility was no longer accepting these pouches, we partnered with TerraCycle to ensure they get recycled responsibly. To drive this point home, the Ecoslay Recycling Program incentivizes our customers to return their pouches for recycling in exchange for reward points that can be applied to future purchases.
Furthermore, our enrollment in the BCorp readiness program exemplifies our dedication to meeting the highest social and environmental performance standards. This initiative goes beyond greenwashing; it’s about embodying the values of transparency, accountability, and sustainability in everything we do.
My dedication to sustainability has led me to serve on the Transportation and Environmental Committee in Clarkston, Georgia, where Ecoslay is based. Within this committee, I collaborate with fellow community members who share a passion for promoting sustainable practices and developing policies that positively impact our planet and society.
At Ecoslay, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a way of life. From our sourcing practices, packaging solutions, and community involvement, we’re committed to leading the charge toward a greener, more ethical future for beauty and beyond. That’s what truly sets Ecoslay apart in the landscape of eco-conscious brands.
I heard your brand doesn’t just end with hair care products but is currently has a groundbreaking initiative known as the Ecoslay Ecobator, which again, I love the name. I’m a words girl, so it’s beautiful to me. But we use groundbreaking so loosely thee days. What about it is so groundbreaking? Share with us what it i overall and how it benefits those who connect.
The Ecobator emerged from a deeply personal journey and a commitment to paying it forward within the beauty industry. As someone who had faced numerous challenges in navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship, I understood firsthand the barriers emerging brands often encounter.
The idea for the Ecobator began to take shape when I realized that my own success with Ecoslay could serve as a blueprint for others. I wanted to create a platform where budding entrepreneurs could receive the support, guidance, and resources needed to bring their visions to life.
Moreover, my passion for sustainability played a significant role in shaping the Ecobator’s mission. I recognized the importance of not only creating successful businesses but also doing so in a way that prioritized ethical sourcing, eco-friendly practices, and community impact.
Drawing from my experiences and values, the Ecobator was born—a groundbreaking initiative that goes beyond traditional mentorship programs to provide comprehensive support for emerging brands in the beauty industry. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration, community, and sustainability, and I’m incredibly proud to see its positive impact on the beauty entrepreneurship landscape.
Adria Marshall is showing the world that there are people who are welcoming to your journey and your excellence. Go be great! 
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