Charisse Mills: Unveiling the Passion Behind ‘Baddie and The Beast’ on UrbanflixTV

Step into the scintillating world of Charisse Mills and Luce Cannon as the reality TV sensation, “Baddie and The Beast,” gears up for its second wild episode exclusively on UrbanflixTV, airing at 5 PM PT on February 21. Produced by the dynamic duo at Baddie and The Beast Productions, the series unravels the captivating romance between actress and recording artist Charisse Mills and the music executive extraordinaire, Luce Cannon. From exposing clout chasers to navigating the treacherous waters of fame and attraction, Episode Two promises to be an intoxicating blend of drama, passion, and magnetic connection.

As Charisse Mills exclaims, “Get ready, because things are about to get juicy!”
In the premiere, viewers were thrust into the pulsating world of Charisse and Luce, where tensions ignited amidst the glitz of a star-studded soirée as the pair began to expose the triflin’ antics of the clout chasers around them. Against the contrasting tapestries of their backgrounds, their love story began to unfold amid the unexpected twists and turns of Hollywood life, baring both its euphoric highs and tumultuous lows.

Now, brace yourselves for Episode Two as the flames of passion grow scorching hot between Charisse and Luce. Anticipate witnessing their bond deepen as they navigate the treacherous waters of fame and attraction. From swoon-worthy and comedic dates to heart-pounding moments of intimacy, the couple beckons viewers to partake in their odyssey of love, self-discovery, and evolution.

I sat down with Charisse Mills for an exclusive interview!

As this marks your debut in television production, how does it feel to partner with UrbanflixTV?

Charisse: Partnering with UrbanflixTV for my television debut feels empowering and groundbreaking, as it’s a platform that celebrates diverse voices and stories like mine. I’ve felt much more supported and respected by this network than the others I’ve worked with in the past.

What inspired the decision to share the intimate details of your relationship on a reality TV series? Were there any reservations or concerns about exposing your love to the public eye?

Charisse: Sharing the intimate details of my relationship on a reality TV series was inspired by the desire to show authentic black love, despite our initial reservations about public exposure. Maintaining authenticity amidst media scrutiny and glamour involves staying true to ourselves while using our platform to inspire others. We have a lot of fun showing our real personalities and the chemistry between us.

As your story unfolds on “Baddie and The Beast,” viewers can expect drama, passion, and unyielding love. Can you share a moment from the series that particularly stands out as defining your relationship?

Charisse: As our story unfolds on “Baddie and The Beast,” viewers can expect several defining moments when we navigate challenging situations with grace and unity, showcasing the strength of our love and partnership. Tensions definitely fly high at times on the show, but we always end up on top.

Transitioning from being the subjects of the series to also being producers and editors is a unique step. How has this role influenced the storytelling and presentation of your love story?

Charisse: Transitioning into production was a natural step to ensure our narrative was portrayed accurately and respectfully.

Are there any future projects or plans you’d like to share with our readers?

Charisse: In the future, we aim to continue sharing our story far and wide through various platforms, including a book and community outreach programs, to uplift and empower others.

As we near the end of Black History Month and approach Women’s Month, what would you like people to take away from your journey as a black woman in the industry?

Charisse: As a black woman, I want others to know that my journey has been shaped by resilience, strength, and the support of my community. I look forward to opening up during Women’s month about my journey and relatable health issues. My advice to those seeking success is to stay true to yourself, embrace your uniqueness, and never be afraid to speak up and pursue your dreams.

Don’t miss the second installment - tune in on February 21, only on UrbanflixTV. For more details and to catch up on previous episodes, visit Stay plugged in and follow “Baddie and The Beast” on Instagram: @baddieandthebeastshow, and get behind-the-scenes scoop by following Charisse Mills @charissemills and Luce Cannon @itslucecannon on Instagram.

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