Kellie Sain: A Trailblazer in Education and Public Relations

Kellie Sain, a luminary in both education and public relations, embodies resilience and compassion in her multifaceted career spanning over 26 years. Graduating from Grand Canyon University with a master’s degree in leadership, Kellie has dedicated her life to fostering personal growth and community empowerment. As the CEO and founder of M.A.S. Early Childhood Educational Services, Kellie provides comprehensive training, consulting, and childcare services for early childhood educators and institutions. Her commitment to education extends to her role as the CEO and Founder of The Konnector Personal Management Services, where she excels in public relations, managing notable events, and coordinating with international clients. With a passion for seeing others succeed, Kellie Sain remains a beacon of inspiration and empowerment in both education and public relations.

Please tell us about your entrepreneurial brands and the services that you provide.

Kellie: I have two brands which are M.A.S. Early Childhood Educational Services. Under this brand I provide training for teachers in early childhood education, training for leadership staff on all things leadership, and consulting for any early childhood educational institution. I also provide childcare as the Founder and Director. My second brand is The Konnector Personal Management Services (Publicist) where I Communicate and negotiate with agents, publicists, and other professionals on the client’s behalf. This includes but is not limited to planning and managing of the client’s schedule, book events, photoshoots, promotional appearances, and travel, meeting with organizations and or individuals to discuss the client’s participation in a project. Respond to interview and other request from media outlets, Network with companies and clients, create a strategy for marketing the client, network with companies, evaluate and negotiate work contracts, make sure the client maintains their brand images, provide advice for financial and professional decisions, collect the clients’ fees and payments, and stay updated on industry trends.

What are some key initiatives or programs that you have implemented to support your community and beyond?

Kellie: A key program that I have implemented for years through my work with Head Start is the RIF grant program. Each year children would receive books monthly to build a home library all in partnership with RIF. Children and parents enjoyed receiving books of their choice. I would give away over 3000 free books a year. This increased the literacy scores and children were kindergarten ready when they left Head Start. Through my work with The Konnector Personal Management Services an event that I support and which I am a part of the advisory board is the 100 Men In Suits. This event supports the Helping Hands Charity Foundation which provides food and clothing to those in need. As a humanitarian there are several programs and organizations that I support that either give back or honor those who are doing great work in our community. I’m all for inspiring and uplifting others.

I enjoy my work in Public Relations. I like to meet new people and learn about the work they do in their area of expertise. I like zoning in on what they do best and helping them to come out sparkling as the diamonds they are. I believe that everyone has greatness in them, it takes the right individual to bring that out of them and be able to provide that support. I’m that person. I am your greatest cheerleader, the person that affirms you, the person that spotlights you, and make things happen.

Your involvement in public relations is impressive. What do you like most about being in the public relations industry? What have been some challenges?

Kellie: Some challenges that I have come across being a publicist is getting others to buy into whatever the vision or who the individual is. Not everyone is a fan of everyone’s work so finding the right platform for your client can be tough at times.

Can you share some memorable experiences or success stories from your career that have had a significant impact on you personally and professionally?

Kellie: Through my work as an Early Childhood Educator, I have several memorable experiences but to name one is when I went to a Head Start conference and I got to meet and get a signed copy of her book the great Ruby Bridges. Ruby Bridges was the first African American child to desegregate an all-white school. Through my work with being a publicist my most memorable moment was helping to plan and organize the Access Identity Conference alongside the great Dr. Eddie Connor which had attendees from 24 states and 13 countries, we’ve secured major speakers, developed partnerships with funders, secured media coverage and so much more all in 3 months’ time. That conference was transformational and mind blowing. No one left the same way they came.

What are you currently working on?

Kellie: I am currently continuing to run both of my businesses and supporting my clients with day-to-day tasks. The next big thing is coming soon.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to make a difference in their communities and build successful careers?

Kellie: The advice that I would give entrepreneurs is first to stay rooted and grounded. Once you become successful, give back to your community. Put God First in all that you do. Network, Network, Network. Networking is key because no one individual has the resources you may need to support your growth. There are individuals who are out there that can make one phone call and it will change your life forever. Support others who support you. Oftentimes we want people to attend all of our events and buy all of our item’s whether it be books, t-shirts, jewelry, etc. Well, I believe in returning the favor and supporting those who have supported me along the way. You would not be who or where you are without the support of others. Get you a publicist! As you begin to expand and grow, no one person can do it all. Finally, look out for those who do work for you.

Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations for the future, both in terms of your professional endeavors and personal growth?

Kellie: Looking ahead, my goals and aspirations are to grow and expand my Early Childhood Educational Services. To build a team for my publicist services and to continue to volunteer and support those in my community. I would like to expand my networking territory to have a rolodex of individuals from around the world. I love to see people WIN. A WIN for you is a WIN for me. And lastly to get a me for me.


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